Technology Trends

Lori Lovely
With 350,000 new malware threats and 80,000 cyberattacks detected daily in 2020, the reality for businesses is not if they get hacked, but when.
Kevin Forestell
E-commerce is a term that is gaining traction in all industries.
Karen Scally
A future with electric construction equipment is coming, and Dave Bolderoff says fleet managers need to be taking steps now to make sure they’re ready for it.
Thomas Armitage
Tips to generate more revenue through direct, online selling
Caleb Yell
The year 2020 challenged our industry in unexpected ways.
Brian P. McGuire
Since CED Magazine’s focus is on technology this month, I’d like to take a moment to speak about the critical role that technology plays in this industry.
ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers
Jesse Buckingham
Record360 has worked with hundreds of equipment rental operators across the country, and the most successful operators we’ve seen follow a simple winning strategy.
Ben Dattner & Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Who are you online? In the business world, there is a simple way of working out who our professional personas are: just pay attention to how others see us.
Karen M. Scally
f you’re not already tapping into what your construction fleet management data is telling you, you are already behind.
Sugath Warnakulasuriya
Although construction and industrial equipment dealers and distributors have taken steps to connect online and digitally market to customers...
Dirk Beveridge
Living and breathing innovation in the distribution industry means I’ve worked with a lot of companies as they’ve introduced new technology platforms.
Lori Lovely
Since 2017, AED’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) has hosted its multi-session course in Chicago to prepare dealership managers for broader organizational roles.
Christine Corelli
Who will be left standing?
U.S. Rep. Angie Craig
As a mother of four boys, I learned quickly that our children’s interests aren’t always the same.
Mark Vitner
What’s ahead for Construction in 2020?
Lori Lovely
he technical programs at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT) are always full.
Working capital is one of the most useful indicators of an operation’s financial health.

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