2018 Attachment Showcase

Allied Construction Products
Rammer Series® boom-mounted hydraulic hammers by Allied Construction Products reflect over 70 years of experience in producing high-performance, high-efficiency hammers known for exceptional productivity and reliability. Mid-range and large-range models – designed for carriers from 26,500 to 176,400 lbs. – feature advanced hydraulics and deliver high productivity when breaking oversize boulders, removing slag, tunneling, open pit mining, and secondary breaking and trenching. The superior design includes advanced hydraulics and an ultra-strong housing, which combine to deliver extended life and greater return on investment, even in severe-duty usage. Engineered for simplified operation and maintenance, slip-fit tool bushings allow for easy replacement while the entire attachment design allows for fast, easy installation. Rammer hammers feature the VIDAT System, which includes vibration dampened tie rods that reduce operating costs, extend operating life and minimize downtime – paying big dividends on demanding demolition jobs. Top-down lubrication and underwater adaptation is standard, with lubrication and air passages built in for easy installation of remote lubricators and air lines for underwater work. For information and performance specifications, visit Or call 800-321-1046.

AMI Attachments Inc.
AMI Attachments Inc. is an industry-leading North American manufacturer of quality, reliable attachments for excavators, backhoes, wheel loaders and other heavy construction equipment. With a head office and manufacturing facility in Ontario, west of Toronto in the region of Waterloo, AMI Attachments serves the heavy equipment attachment market across Canada and the United States. With a strong focus on developing innovative new products, AMI helps customers increase their productivity and remain competitive in an ever-changing and challenging industry sector. AMI offers attachments for excavators, loader backhoes, wheel loaders, and skid steers, as well as Pitbull Dozer Blades and AMI Snow Blades. AMI excavator attachments include buckets, grapples, couplers, thumbs, pulverizers, lift attachments, rakes, forks, chuck blades, rippers and extendable sticks.  Popular branded products include the Graptor Bucket, the Graptor Root Rake, the Extractor Demolition & Sorting Grapple, the Kraken Concrete Pulverizer and the 4-in-1 Jawbone. Visit our website at to view the complete list of our products.

Breaker Technology Inc.
The MCP-IT1300 offers faster cycle times for greater productivity.  The MCP-IT fixed-head pulverizer is the ideal attachment for secondary demolition. Quick cycle times and strategically placed teeth make this pulverizer your go-to tool for fast fragmentation and separation of rebar from the concrete. The MCP-IT pulverizer’s speed valve guarantees high performance. The valve alternates between power and speed, depending on the load. It offers faster cycle times and greater productivity. The tough and compact structure is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials at a hardness of HB400. The mouth’s profile is reinforced and designed for high resistance to wear and maximum material production. 

Craig Manufacturing Ltd.
A snow removal tool for operations on a budget, the Craig Patrol Wing features 21” of mechanical extension. Having mechanical extension allows the wing and Craig plow of your choice to operate without the need of a wing hydraulic kit; the machine is required to have third and fourth auxiliary valve sections. The Craig Patrol Wing comes standard with up to 30” of level benching height (up to 48” available) and offers superior operator visibility. Our wing moldboard features mechanical float on both ends and comes complete with a replaceable, reversible cutting edge for a long wear life. Contact the Craig Customer Support Center today at 1-800-565-5007 to learn more and to inquire about other budget- friendly plowing options available from Craig Manufacturing.

Digga North America
Digga is a leading global manufacturer of advanced planetary gearbox-driven drilling drives and trencher solutions for machinery attachments, serving the construction and earthmoving industries since 1981. With world headquarters in Australia, Digga’s North American Operations is centrally located in Dyersville, Iowa. Digga produces one of the world’s largest ranges of high-torque planetary drives in the anchor/foundation, drilling attachment, and trencher attachment markets. The company focuses on pendulum drilling, anchor applications, and trenching applications for mini -skid steer loaders, skid steer loaders, mini -excavators, backhoes and large excavators. The company specializes in a compact design, with high- efficiency geroler or radial piston motors for higher production rates and faster return on investment. Benefits include reduced weight, smaller size, and greater length under the drive, while the exclusive two-piece drive shaft design with the highest shaft pull-out rating in the industry isolates the planetary gears from the pushing, pulling, and bending forces without increasing bearing load. One of the best warranties in the business rounds out the Digga Advantage. Digga is committed to providing total solutions for drilling and trenching worldwide. For more information, contact Digga North America, 2325 Industrial Parkway SW, Dyersville, Iowa 52040, USA; telephone (563) 875- 7915; fax (563) 875- 9139; email or visit its website at    

Dromone Engineering
Dromone Pallet Forks give your excavator all the material handling capability of a telehandler and is a perfect partner to the Dromone Multi Lock quick coupler. Dromone Pallet forks are available for excavators ranging from 10 – 24 tons and can be fitted to 65mm or 80mm pins. Adds versatility to your excavator; easy pick and place when used with quick couplers; quick and safe attachment changeover without leaving the cab; locking system prevents forks from moving on the rail; fork length 1.2 m; forks are completely adjustable and removable; Dromone’s variable pin centers make the attachment completely adjustable. Distributed in North America by: TAG Manufacturing, 888-490-0501, 6989 Discovery Dr., Chattanooga, TN  37422

Epiroc premium SB series hydraulic breaker attachments are the industry’s only breakers to come standard with an internal water port for dust suppression, a feature that can assist in compliance with OSHA final silica rule dust regulations. With an integrated water channel, operators can spray water at the source of dust creation to keep dust levels down. This improves the working environment, enhances visibility and prevents dust from seeping into the bushings. SB breakers are also designed to protect operators and equipment by reducing noise and vibration. Epiroc SB series breakers are designed for the 0.7- to 24-ton carrier class and are used in a wide range of applications that include demolition and renovation work, construction projects, tunneling, dredging and pile driving. SB series breakers combine superior efficiency and performance with high durability in a compact design. For more information, visit

ESCO Corporation
ESCO Corporation delivers a comprehensive line of attachments designed to meet the demanding needs of contractors, rental customers, and quarry operators -– especially in the toughest applications.  The ESCO HDP bucket is excellent for use in general excavating such as in dense clay, compacted soil, or loosely embedded rock (gravel) conditions. The HDP configuration is ESCO’s most popular construction excavator bucket. Standard features of the ESCO® HDP bucket include: • Premium Ultralok® tooth equipment delivering optimum digging performance • Point shapes available that match the machine and application • Triple taper design ensures faster loading and cleaner dumping • AR 400 full- width bottom wear runner and side wear strips • One-piece, side- reinforcing plate that provides structural integrity • Tough, T-1 steel plate lip  • Strong formed double beam providing increased torsion resistance • Replaceable cast steel alloy, bolt-on wing shrouds For more information on the ESCO’s HDP bucket, please contact us at 800-446-3726.

Geith, a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of excavator attachments for more than 50 years, offers a wide range of bucket attachments. Geith’s angle tilt buckets increase the adaptability and productivity of excavators, featuring an optimum pivotal arrangement that provides up to 90-degree tilt — 45 degrees in either direction. This cost-effective attachment enables operators to complete slope finishing, land clearing, waste handling and grading with greater ease. Designed for use with excavators ranging in size from 3 to 33 tons, Geith’s angle tilt buckets can also be equipped with additional features, including two heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders for superior holding power, spill guards and cylinder guards for greater protection, and technology enhancements that improve bucket life and strength. Geith tilt buckets weigh between 388 and 2,034 pounds, with the largest model boasting a heaped capacity of 1¾ cubic yards. Standard design features include a reversible bolt-on cutting edge, heavy-duty side cutters and wear pads. Corrosion-resistant high tensile pivot pins help safeguard tilt buckets against harmful wear patterns, extending the life of the buckets. All Geith buckets are made stronger, designed to work harder and engineered to perfectly fit excavators. Most offer additional add-on features. For a full list of Geith bucket options and features, visit

Genesis Attachments
Genesis Attachments introduces the Impact Tools Group, four families of technologically advanced, minimal- maintenance products designed for the demolition, construction, utility, excavation and concrete grinding industries. Comprised of the GHB Hydraulic Breaker, GCG Cyclone Grinder, GBS Bucket Screener and GBC Bucket Crusher, this group of highly productive, readily available attachments enables customers to now obtain an even broader variety of tools from Genesis.  Available in a complete range of models from 250 to 12,000 foot-pound impact energy classes, the GHB’s performance-leading features include an optimized power-to-weight ratio, speed and power that can be adjusted to match the material being broken, dry-fire protection, and a unique hammer-mounted auto-lube system. The GCG features design advancements over traditional grinders, with a two-hose hydraulic system that eliminates the need for a case drain line and simplifies installation, and a soft start system and protective valving that protect the motor from over-pressure, over-heating and misuse. The GBS provides a mobile and cost-effective solution for sizing natural rock and recycling material on site – quickly and efficiently. The extra-large drum results in higher production, with individual replacement screens for pre-screening and final classification. Unlike conventional crushers, the GBC has a unique, aggressive figure-eight crushing motion that produces high quality cubical product, enabling the aggregate to be reused on site. Extra-large jaw plates provide optimal performance and longer life.

HKX, Inc.
HKX priority flow mower/grinder kits put the performance where it matters:… at the attachment! Tackle the biggest jobs efficiently and cost- effectively. HKX kits are engineered solutions, providing powerful performance for almost every brand of machine. If you’re considering adding a mower, mulcher, or grinder, call HKX for an immediate quote. Get more from your machine with a conversion kit from HKX. HKX offers simple- to- install, cost- effective upgrade kits. Turn your single application into a multifunction system with an HKX conversion kit and get more out of your machine! HKX second circuit kits offer durability, performance, and value. Kits are complete with a machine -specific installation guide, secondary oil source, all required lines, hoses, mounting equipment, and your choice of controls. Our pre-assembled components keep installation times short to get your machines back in service quickly. HKX joystick controls kits allow you to upgrade or convert existing control systems. We provide everything you need, including pilot lines, solenoids, and joysticks. Whether you need a foot switch for a mower, a foot pedal for an auger, or proportional joysticks for a rotating shear, we have you covered. HKX engineers and product specialists provide real- time support during your kit installation. Each kit we produce is serialized so our experts can support the kit for the life of your machine. HKX is proud to keep our thousands of kits working hard with quick troubleshooting and same-day parts shipments. We help keep your projects on track. Call HKX today at 1-800-493-5487, or visit our website,, and request a quote! HKX, Inc. is the source for Engineered Hydraulic Solutions.

JLG Industries
The JLG material bucket telehandler attachment can scoop and carry loose material and debris, like gravel or dirt. The material bucket can also be used for cleanup around the job site. JLG material buckets are available in different widths and capacities for various job site requirements.

K-Tec’s 1228ADT scraper is able to self-load as an efficient single unit operation for precision grading and dumping; be push-loaded for enhanced loading time; or be top-loaded via excavator for heaped hauling. Contractors who already have a 25 to 35-Ton Articulated Dump Truck(ADT) in their fleet, can easily convert the hauler chassis to attach a K-Tec 1228ADT for a unit that can self-load, transport, and eject material with a single engine running and sole operator. The operator is able to use responsive joystick control functionality inside the truck cab. A digital display screen exclusive to K-Tec is also included in the cab for visual operating details, tracking load count productivity, and troubleshoot serviceability. The ability to travel 30+MPH down haul roads improves cycle time performance. K-Tec scrapers are backed by a 3-Year structural warranty, to minimize downtime for critical jobsite operations. For more information, visit

Keystone Plastics Inc. 
Keystone Plastics is a leader in the manufacturing of replacements brooms and brushes for street sweeping and road cleaning. Keeping our roads safe and free of debris is what we do have been doing for over 50 years. With a state -of- the- art manufacturing process, we offer a variety of replacement brooms for all major brands of sweepers. Our complete line of products includes AllPro Strip Brooms, AllPro Combo Brooms,. Tube Brooms, Gutter Brooms, Wafers, and custom brush solutions for OEM’s and specialty applications. We work to meet all our client’s’ needs and provide quality, reliable brooms. Contact us today to find your local distributor and see for yourself why Keystones is the most trusted name for in replacement brooms. Email us at or call 908-561-1300.

Leading Edge Attachments
The Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.® patented Multi-Ripper family of excavator and backhoe ripper buckets and tools are offered specifically for rip and load applications, and can replace hammers, blasting, and rock trenchers, for a fraction of the cost. Manufactured in the USA and constructed out of Swedish alloy steel Hardox® 400, the Multi-Ripper family of tools includes the Multi-Ripper, the Multi-Ripper Bucket, the Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket, The Talon BucketTM, the Multi-DigNRipTM Bucket and the V-Raptor BucketTM. These products utilize the SHARC (Shanks-on-an-ARC) technology designed so that high- strength ripping teeth rip the rock one tooth at a time, so that when the bucket is rolled, the result is like that of a trencher. These tools are easy on the machine because the forces move evenly from one tooth to the next. The back of the buckets is shaped to conform to the arc of the rippers, preventing pre-mature bottom wear. 

MB Crusher America
MB Crusher introduced its new MB-R500 to the market at Intermat 2018 in Paris, France. The MB-R500 is the fourth model and the smallest cutter in the MB drum cutter product line. Similar to MB’s other drum cutters, it will perform excavation tasks with extreme precision. It can dig trenches, be used underwater, navigate through narrow areas, and manage construction projects that require grinding, cutting, or milling. The MB-R500 is designed for mini and midi excavators weighing between 6,000 to and 24,000 pounds and for skid steers and backhoes weighing between 6,000 to and 16,000 pounds. Its drum can be replaced on-site in less than an hour, without having to be taken to a specialized workshop. Much like the other models, it comes with a full or low set drum head kit, allowing the operator to change the number of peaks depending on the material. The MB-R500 can be equipped with multiple MB accessories, such as the cutter body rotation kit (for ease of rotating the drum without stopping work or leaving the cab), cutting depth adjustment kit (for grinding edges and leveling surfaces), temperature reduction kit (for reducing the oil temperature while in operation without altering the operating machine’s performance), and many more. The MB-R drum cutter line can handle job sites where standard excavation systems are under-powered and hammer systems are ineffective. MB also manufactures jaw crushing attachments that have evolved the industry. Its popular models, BF90.3 and BF80.3, have high return for several companies, up to 30 percent in overall net savings, and have increased production rates for on-site material processing. The company also offers trommel screening attachments for separating material and 360-degree rotational grapples for handling material with a continuous movement. MB Crusher America will be exhibiting at World of Concrete 2019 with live demonstrations, and at AED Summit 2019. 

Montabert, a world-renowned leader in rock breaking and drilling equipment, offers a wide variety of hydraulic breakers. Breaker sizes range from compact to extra large. The medium-range hydraulic rock breakers are designed for use on large backhoe loaders and mid-size excavators. The all-purpose 501 NG Hydraulic Rock Breaker provides operators with a superior power-to-weight ratio and can easily demolish oversized boulders and thick concrete, delivering up to 870 blows per minute. It is ideal for use with backhoe loaders and excavators weighing between 17,637 and 39,683 pounds, perfect for applications in road building, demolition and trenching. Standard features include a blank-fire protection and energy recovery system that recycles energy to increase striking power. An automatic lubrication system and a fully enclosed cradle reduce noise, protect against debris and impact damage, and reduce wear. Visit

MultiOne America
Whether traveling forward or backwards, the MultiOne sweeper this attachment quickly and quietly sweeps and collects dirt and debris, and easily dumps out the refuse. It’s the perfect system for cleaning parking lots, construction sites, sidewalks, loading docks, warehouses, and  more. The MultiOne sweeper is equipped with a floating attachment bracket and four4 support wheels that guarantee smooth and easy sweeping operations. This sweeper is available with an optional collection box. Powerful sweeper for larger areas; Side brush available; Water spraying to reduce dust. Just one of our many attachments. Please visit

NPK Construction Equipment, Inc.
NPK’s Demolition Shears are engineered to maximize performance with a slim-line design that increases visibility during operation. The unique construction of the arm pin prevents distortion of the main frame and diminishes jaw deflection,; this in turn maintains blade tolerances, preventing jamming of material between the cutter blades. Designed for C&D recycling and/or sorting; Cutting rebar, pipes, beams and other C&D scrap; Commercial demolition projects. The enclosed main frame provides structural integrity and long- term durability while protecting the piston rod and hydraulic hoses. This new design incorporates abrasion- resistant, high-strength bolt-on replaceable waved -shaped cutting blades for better grip and increased control of material, as well as, a robust handling tip for superior manipulation. These shears come with full 360° power rotation for maximum versatility, and NPK’s exclusive hydraulic intensifier cylinder design improves cutting power to handle the toughest jobs. NPK now offers demolition shears for mini-excavators and skid steer loaders.

Okada America, Inc.
The Okada America Inc.’s ORV Series hydraulic breakers are the result of decades of field experience and a long-standing record of leadership in the industry. Seventeen ORV Series hydraulic breakers ranging in energy classes from 150 foot-pounds to 12,500 foot-pounds provide a broad range of solutions for your skid-steers, compact excavators, track loaders, loader/backhoes and excavators. Key features: Large capacity accumulator reduces shock load for longer life; Carrier-mounted auto-grease system continuously applies grease to the breaker tool and bushings, extending the life of wear parts; Variable speed control in the breaker maximizes productivity; Larger N2 gas chamber ensures high-impact power. The all-new Model ORV 12000 is ideal for use on 99,000 to 176,000 pound excavators. It requires 69 to 95 gpm at 2,130 to 2,700 psi and it breaks at a rate of 380 to 530 (short stroke) blows per minute. Demolition of heavily reinforced concrete structures, building foundations and oversize boulders are some applications. Okada America Inc. is a leader in innovative construction product technology. Through more than 200 U.S. and Canadian distributors, Okada offers a complete line of excavator, loader/backhoe, skid-steer, track loader and mini-excavator mounted attachments including breakers (TOP Series and ORV Series), crushers, demolition shears, pulverizers, processors, grapples and compactors (OAC Series).

Prinoth Panther Tracked Vehicles offer increased productivity. With exclusive undercarriage and track technologies, the highest speeds, the highest payloads, and the highest safety level, we offer the most productive crawler carriers on the market. We top industry standards, as our platform is built on a standard truck-style chassis, has a ROPS- certified cab, provides very low ground pressure, and has a steering wheel and& pedal combo offering the best comfort for operators. We are proud to say that we build the most reliable crawler carriers on the market by testing our technologies thoroughly, which results in less maintenance, less downtime, low cost of ownership and high customer satisfaction of our customers.   While PRINOTH tracked vehicles may tread softly, but they also carry the biggest payloads – up to an incredible 20,865 kg (46,000 lbs) worth of equipment, materials and supplies. All-terrain and all-weather operation combined with exceptional performance and implement versatility ensure the toughest jobs get done right.

Rockland Manufacturing
Since 1953, Rockland has been manufacturing attachments for loaders, dozers, excavators, haul trucks, and telehandlers. Our three factories produce over 185 types of attachments, offering both standard and custom designs.  Below are some of our popular products include: General Construction - General Purpose Bucket, Utility Construction Forks, Excavator Buckets, Excavator Thumbs, Excavator Couplers Quarrying/Mining - Quarry/Rock Bucket, Aggregate Handling Bucket, Rock Forks Forestry/Logging - Log/Lumber Forks, Sorting Grapple, Millyard Grapple, Stump Splitter, Brush Handling Grapple Agriculture - Rollout Bucket, Ejector Bucket, Light Material Bucket Energy - Angle Blade Assemblies, Coal Blade, Pipe Grapple, Coal Bucket Demolition –- Krypto Klaw, Contractor’s Grapple, Demolition Bucket Rockland has exclusive services that no other attachment manufacturer can match. A few examples are: guaranteed ship dates, expedited lead times, an attachment quoting app for dealers, and stocking programs for many common attachments. Visit

Rototilt Inc., 
Thirty years ago a product was born in Sweden that would change an entire industry. Rototilt® now celebrates a decade since the establishment of our own dedicated North American company based in Ontario, Canada. “It has been an incredible journey to promote a product that totally transforms excavators and how they work,” says Gerry Mallory, general manager, Rototilt Inc. Although the tiltrotator concept is still relatively new to many in North America, contractors in the Nordic countries now consider it standard equipment.  “When we started to gradually introduce Rototilt® in North America in the late ’90’s, many people thought this was a product only for special applications or light- duty work. We worked hard to convince contractors of the tremendous time and labor savings alone with a Rototilt® equipment machine and why it was standard equipment in Northern Europe, but it wasn’t easy. Let’s just say it takes time to change people’s minds and how they work,” says Mallory. The interest and sales gradually emerged, and in 2007 a decision was made to have a dedicated North American Rototilt daughter company to service and support the Canadian and U.S. markets. Rototilt Inc. was established in May 2018 in Brantford, Ontario, and now has an extensive inventory of Rototilt tiltrotators, accessory attachments, and spare parts.  One of the more unique challenges was to get our customers to tell others or share about how the tiltrotator changed their way of working and made their operations so much more efficient. It was such a big advantage against their competitors, that they were very hesitant to share! “It was almost like a secret,” says Mallory. The past 30 years with Rototilt® have been characterized by innovation. Not just when it comes to the tiltrotator itself and its peripheral systems itself, but also the ideas surrounding how the tiltrotator can develop new opportunities for the construction industry.  “Rototilt has the vision ‘“One Rototilt® on each excavator.’”. With Rototilt®’sour world- leading product quality and durability, along with our established and proven product support in North America, we are well positioned for the growing demand,” ends says Mallory.

Seppi USA
The powerful and reliable Seppi BMS was engineered using wear-resistant high tensile steel to be lighter and stronger. When paired with variable displacement motors with M-BOOST technology, performance in excavator mulchers is taken to a new level. The BMS is rated to mulch material up to 8” in diameter on excavators from 13 to 25 ton. With its exposed rotor and fixed tools with tungsten carbide inserts, the BMS can mulch everything from standing timber to brush and slash on the ground. A hydraulic hood allows the operator to control the direction of flying material, making the BMS one of the safest boom- mounted mulchers available. It’s ideal for right-of-way maintenance and all areas that are otherwise difficult to access. The Seppi BMS is the perfect combination of performance, durability and affordability. Contact Seppi USA to learn about dealership opportunities at (513) 443-6339 or

Simex Engineering
Simex TF cutter heads for excavators are ideal for trenching, profiling and resurfacing rock and cement walls, tunneling, quarrying, demolitions, dredging, and finishing operations. They are highly effective where conventional excavation systems are too weak and percussion systems have little effect. Their quiet operation allows them to be put to work in sensitive or populated areas (near schools, hospitals, bridges and infrastructure). They are especially effective for finishing operations requiring maximum precision, minimum intrusion and an optimum aesthetic result. High torque and high performance are guaranteed by the integrated high displacement hydraulic piston motor. A filter on the feed line prevents impurities from entering the motor, for example when hoses are being connected to the excavator. Gaskets fitted on drums seal against dust also when the attachment is submerged into the ground, even in muddy conditions. The shaft transmits motion only and bears no load, thanks to double support bearings for each drum.

Steelwrist is today the fastest growing manufacturer of tiltrotators and quick couplers in the world. A determined focus on robust and modern products, combined with fast service has been appreciated by an increasing number of customers. The core of the Steelwrist product offering includes quick couplers, tiltrotators, tilting couplers and work tools. The Steelwrist tiltrotator can increase the excavators productivity by up to 35%. A tiltrotator eliminates the need to re-position the excavator leading to increased productivity as well as a safer job site. The improved productivity also has a direct impact on your return on investment, and time savings can quickly pay for the initial investment of the tiltrotator. Steelwrist is the only manufacturer in the market that has a symmetrical coupler completely casted in steel. An extremely robust design free from welding, with large pin contact surfaces for reduced wear. The mold is formed to add more material where needed and less material where not needed to keep the weight to a minimum and retain a strong construction. All our couplers have the front pin lock technology as a standard which improves safety during tool changes and is a superior, robust steel cast solution. Front pin lock reduces the risk of dropping attachments by accident as long as the front pin is connected. Leading the innovation in this market, Steelwrist has adapted the front pin lock so that it works equally well with all types of excavators, both small and large, new and used, and also with all types of tiltrotator control systems. Steelwrist latest product launch is the Steelwrist SQ-technology. SQ allows for operator to change between tiltrotator, hydraulic breaker, crusher, shear, , grapple, screening bucket, compactor, other hydraulic attachments and of course any mechanical work tool – all without ever leaving the cabin and in only a few seconds. When changing the tool, both hydraulics and electronics also connect saving time, saving money.

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.
CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ bolt-to-link track pads have become an essential product for heavy equipment on job sites throughout the world. They allow contractors the ability to perform their jobs without worrying about repairing damage to existing surfaces. Track pads come in a variety of different mounting options, such as bolt-to-shoe, clip/clamp-on and bolt-to-link. For excavators, the best choice is bolt-to-link track pads, as they eliminate additional hardware and bypass fitment issues with steel grouser shoes.  The excavator market has been neglected in the performance and availability of bolt-to-link track pads. Essentially, there’s only ever been one option, which is a rubber track pad sold by multiple companies with only the slightest difference in shape to separate them. These similar track pads are all produced overseas, and hardly ever kept in stock at local dealers and distributors. Not to mention, the rubber compound is severely under-matched to the abusive applications excavators work in, including demolition. To sum up these problems, you have an underperforming product that takes multiple weeks, if not months, to replace. Fortunately, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has a solution to these problems, and it’s 100% Made in the USA.  Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has designed and fielded the CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ Track Pad, an all- polyurethane bolt-to-link track pad engineered to eliminate virtually all common rubber track pad failures – and it’s guaranteed. Every single CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ track pad comes with an industry- leading 2two-Yyear or 2,000- hour (whichever comes first) wear-life guarantee, whichever comes first. This 2-Year or 2,000 Hour Wear-life guarantee is possible due to the CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ offering nearly twice the “‘chunk”’ resistance of the leading OEM rubber track pad, based on ASTM D-624 and D-1938 tear strength and tear resistance testing data. The CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ pad also offers more than twice the abrasion resistance of the leading OE rubber pad, based on ASTM DIN Index 53516. The CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ won’t be falling apart on the job, which means less downtime from having to replace track pads mid-way through a project and risking late completion penalties.  The CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ is made to order with a one- week turnaround time from placing of your order to shipment, ensuring timely delivery of the product you need, when you need it. The CUSHOTRAC® ReDDi™ is the first track pad that’s truly, ReDDi™ for Anything. 
Visit or call 800.289.1456 

Surestrike International, Inc.
Surestrike SS Series Impact Hammers provide a durable, proven design that is Made in the USA. The Surestrike impact hammers provide high production, fast cycle times, and ease of operations at low DB’s. The single- blow energy of the Surestrike is more economical, with minimal vibration, that minimizing damage to excavator sticks and bushings. Wide range of sizes with models ranging from 25,000 foot-pounds all the way up to 150,000 foot-pounds of striking force. The Surestrike International team has one gain goal in mind, which is to be in of service of to our customers and do all that we can to make their Surestrike experience a positive and impactful one.

Toku America, Inc. 
Striker hydraulic breakers by Toku-America Inc. are exceptional hydraulic attachments which that produce industry- leading impact energy, while also increasing overall productivity.   Models from 100 –to 12,000 all have patented, accumulator-free technology.   This exclusive, built-in system removes pressure spikes, and allows the breaker to have significantly less fewer parts, less down-time, and less overall operation cost.   Model’s from 100 –to 1,000 have the ability to be interchanged between multiple machines with an easy- to- use, pin and bushing kit system.   The pin and bushing kit system allows one hammer to be used in an abundant amount number of applications, and allows the breaker to be almost universal based on machine class.   The larger model striker breakers, 1,500 –to 12,000, are standard, in silenced box housings which reduce overall decibels on- site.   Housings also reduce overall vibration, and help reduce wear on the machine.   To learn more, visit

Vacuworx Global, LLC
The new SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System from Vacuworx is the ultimate skid steer attachment. Featuring all-aluminum construction, the patent pending design has a hydraulically driven vacuum pump and can be easily attached to any skid steer or compact tool carrier.   Quick-connect hydraulic hoses make switching attachments fast and easy so you can maximize productivity on the job. A factory pre-set flow control valve ensures optimal performance. The SL 2 weighs just 98 lbs (without mounting plate) but has a lifting capacity of up to 2,700 lbs (1.25 tonnes). It’s available with manual or wireless remote control. Not only is vacuum lifting a safer alternative than hooks and chains, it also increases your productivity and allows you to move on to the next job faster. Work faster, safer and smarter with Vacuworx.

VERGA Attachments Pvt. Ltd.
VERGA Attachments Private Limited offers more than 220 different attachments for your excavator and skid steer. We manufacture attachments for 1.5- ton to 25- ton class excavators with your brand name. We are a HARDOX In my Body certified member. Verga’s Heavy Duty Digging Bucket is built for heavy digging conditions in a more severe application where abrasion and bucket breakout forces are a concern. Verga- made attachments reduce your operating costs and maximize your work output. We are an ISO 9001 and14001 manufacturing facility with a manufacturing capacity of more than 6,000 attachments per month. We make all types of excavator buckets, rippers, timber grabs, grapples, excavator thumbs, quick couplers, skid steer buckets and loaders, grab buckets, and many more, made with your brand name. Visit or email

Werk-Brau Company, Inc.
The simple, easily serviceable design of the D-Lock combined with world leading safety features makes the D-Lock the safest coupler on the market today. The D-Lock Coupler is dual locking, meaning attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force. A compact design of only seven moving parts (fewest in the industry), requiring only two hoses, no greasing and no complicated operating sequence to follow are just a few of the features which put the D-Lock at the forefront of coupler performance worldwide. With other 70 years of industry experience, a nationally recognized brand, Werk-Brau has the attachments to get the job done!

Woods Construction Equipment 
When you need to dig in, dump, load, and move more, the new Central Fabricator® (CF®) General Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket is the right tool. It’s designed for long life and durability, made with US grade 50 KSI yield steel, and 100 KSI yield in high-wear areas. The new bucket from Woods Construction Equipment is available in fourteen sizes ranging from 97 to 119 inches wide, for Class 2 through Class 6 wheel loaders. It’s compatible with popular JRB® style couplers and the customer can choose a three-piece or four-piece OEM style bolt-on cutting edge.The new CF General Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket is available from a network of authorized Woods Construction Equipment dealers throughout North America. To learn more about Woods’ complete line of construction equipment attachments and to find a dealer near you, visit

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