January 2018

Blast From The Past

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Thomas J. Armitage
f your dealership has a physical storefront, there’s a huge opportunity to get in front of more buyers by levering your digital properties.
John Chapin
If you’ve read past sales articles of mine, you know I talk a lot about the two major keys to sales success: lots of the right activity and great sales skills.
Lori Lovely
Working out of his family home in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, back in October 1986, Barry Stoughton developed polyurethane track pads for asphalt pavers.
In 2016, Jackie Johnson started his compressed nitrogen gas and liquid nitrogen delivery business in Odessa, Texas.
Mike Kallenberger
If only the solution were as simple as getting a ship unstuck in the Suez Canal.
Ron Slee
Since the inflation fight in the late ’70s and ’80s that caused an update to the business model used in the construction equipment distribution channel, we have been busy working in our businesses.
There are a lot of windows through which an organization’s likelihood of success can be gauged: strategy, innovation, community involvement.
Kyle Larkin
Over the course of the pandemic, numerous provincial elections have been held across Canada.
Scott McPherson
AED’s Sean Fitzgerrel and Scott McPherson participated in the Midwest Teachers of Transportation and Industrial Areas (MTTIA) annual conference in early August.
Alexandra Joyce
Meet Benjamin P. Bernal, AED’s new vice president of operations.
The Summit is the only industry event that brings together equipment distributors, manufacturers and service providers under one roof.
Craig Drury
Although Canada and the United States are different in many ways, companies in both countries often share the same challenges.
Brian P. McGuire
AED has long championed, both in Washington, D.C. and Ottawa, a pro-growth tax code that incentivizes capital investment and job creation.
Alexandra Joyce
Last month, the Association had the pleasure of hiring three new regional managers from across the United States.
Lori Lovely
New to the AED ranks, GrinderCrusherScreen Inc. is a Smyrna, Georgia-based distributor of new and used equipment for the recycling industry.
James Ricker
When renewing insurance each year, most, if not all, dealers use a heuristic technique for making insurance decisions.
Lou Quinto
Leadership is defined by changing times. Businesses must always change in order to maintain their leadership in the industry.
Lisa Ryan
If you’re looking for a great way to build employee trust and engagement levels, you may want to consider incorporating an open-book leadership strategy.