January 2018

Blast From The Past

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With over half a million rental units spread across more than 900 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, Sunbelt Rentals is one of North America’s most established rental equipment companies.
In today’s tight labor market, competition for top talent is an ongoing concern for successful and growing companies.
Lori Lovely
Ritchie Bros., a global industrial asset management and disposition company based in Vancouver, BC, has been conducting auction auctions for more than 60 years.
Lori Lovely
As part of the AED Summit in Chicago earlier this year, The AED Foundation held its fourth annual Fundraising Gala.
Donald G. McNeil Jr.
Terrifying though the coronavirus may be, it can be turned back. China, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan have demonstrated that, with furious efforts, the contagion can be brought to heel.
Allison Shapira
We’ve all had that moment on an airplane where we experience turbulence. Within a few seconds, the pilot’s voice comes over the intercom. What are you listening for?
Art Markman
The news about the spread of COVID-19 is changing fast.
Paul A. Argenti
In fast-moving and uncertain situations, leaders face questions they may not even have answers to.
Kyle Larkin
If you follow the news, you have most likely heard about the rail blockades that are hampering the entire Canadian economy.
Thomas Lunney
It was great to see so many South Central region dealers at Summit in Chicago in January.
Brian P. McGuire
I want to share with our members the actions we have taken during this crisis to ensure that your association continues to deliver value during these unsettling times.
Keep up-to-date on all of the latest information!
Alexis Brumm
This year’s AED Summit gave attendees a chance to learn, grow, lead and communicate.
Marcia Doyle and Kim Phelan
There have definitely been changes in how these contractors manage their fleets.
Mona Fahmi
The Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) kicked off 2020 with their annual Summit and CONDEX.
Peter Leviton
The city of Chicago is known for many things: Ditka and Da Bears, the Cubs, Second City and the best deep-dish pizza in the country, among other things.
Curt Bennink
Make your dealership a trusted resource by helping contractors succeed.
Hearty congratulations are due to the Associated Equipment Distributors international trade organization for assembling their 2020 Summit & CONDEX event.
Lori Lovely
For years, finding qualified equipment technicians has been an ongoing struggle, mainly as the industry has evolved, incorporating more computer diagnostics and Tier 4 Final emissions systems.
Environmental Equipment Sales & Services (EESS) recently joined AED.