June 2021


New 2021 Chairman is the Apple of AED’s Eye

The global pandemic effect continues, complicating (and endangering) our lives and changing the way we do business. It will even alter the investiture of AED’s incoming chairman of the board. 


Troy Harrison
Turnover is one of the least-recognized ways that companies lose sales revenue. Here’s why.
Sean Hutchinson
Grow or die. It is the entrepreneur’s mantra, a cornerstone of capitalism, and at the core of C-level decision-making in businesses of all sizes, across every sector of the economy.
Sara Hey
“I’m trying to put together a marketing schedule; where do I even begin?” a dealer asked me after a recent National Dealer Meeting.
Alexandra Joyce
The AED Foundation's (AEDF) Martin McCormack answers some questions our members may have about the campaign.
Alexandra Joyce
Last fall, The AED Foundation (AEDF) released a research report titled “The Impact of COVID-19 on Heavy Equipment Diesel Technology Educators.”
Alexandra Joyce
Over the past year, The AED Foundation has prioritized spreading the word to AED members about plans for the Vision 2025 Campaign.
Marty McCormack
A key focus area for The AED Foundation is research, which helps to back up its statements on the importance of workforce development.
Lori Lovely
With the trucking industry experiencing a shortage of trained technicians, the programs at Hillsborough Community College (HCC) in Tampa, Florida, were well-attended.
Lori Lovely
In 1991, Ferris State University, located in Big Rapids, Michigan, added a Bachelor of Science degree program in Heavy Equipment Service Engineering Technology.
Lori Lovely
Since 2017, The AED Foundation’s recognized high school program has complemented its accredited college program by preparing students with the basic skills required to succeed.
Marty McCormack
The Workforce Development Committee was established to address the technician shortage and develop new ways to tackle the equipment distribution industry's challenges.
Lori Lovely
The AED Foundation's (AEDF) Technical Training Committee met to review and revise its educational standards in response to updated technology and other requirements.
Michael Kallenberger
A focus on problem-solving is in the DNA of the heavy equipment distribution industry.
Lori Lovely
The global pandemic effect continues, complicating (and endangering) our lives and changing the way we do business.
Kyle Larkin
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland tabled her first budget on April 19, 2021, to much anticipation.
Craig Drury
I want to begin by stating that it is my honor to address you all as chairman for the first time in CED Magazine since my inauguration.
Brian P. McGuire
As your AED and AED Foundation president, I would first like to thank all who attended the 2021 Summit, both virtually and in person.
Bob Nuss has a knack for looking ahead. Nuss, the President of Nuss Truck & Equipment in Rochester, Minnesota, has been making good bets on the future for most of his 50-year career.