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Eliminating job site fatalities related to accidental dropping of buckets and attachments

For construction contractors, equipment dealers and manufacturers, safety should be the number one responsibility. Protecting our employees and our customers is not negotiable and must be at the top of our agenda as we make decisions each day.

Every day, across the world, buckets fall from machines, causing serious injury and even fatalities. As reported by OSHA, this is frequently a result of buckets disengaging unintentionally from excavator quick couplers. Geith believes it’s everyone's responsibility in this industry to prevent these accidents from happening.

In 2002, when we invented the first safety coupler, the endeavor was driven by the belief that these accidents were avoidable and that we could save lives. Geith worked with the UK Health and Safety authorities to ensure that our coupler would meet their regulation stipulating that buckets could not fall off a coupler even if hydraulic pressure was lost. The UK Health and Safety authority went so far as to outlaw the semi-automatic non-compliant couplers that caused these accidents.

International standards, such as ISO 13031 Earth-Moving Machinery – Quick Couplers – Safety, has been a game changer across the global construction sector. It was developed in cooperation between global health and safety organizations and machinery and quick coupler manufacturers, with the goal to eliminate this growing safety concern following several fatal accidents where excavator buckets became detached from quick couplers during operation. The ISO standard outlines minimum operation and safety requirements that quick couplers must meet in order to be compliant.

Geith quick couplers surpass the requirements of the standard with additional safety features and control measures that set the bar high for quick coupler safety levels.

Geith was the first manufacturer of quick couplers to have both front lock and rear lock attachment pin connections as well as a curl-to-release opening position, designed to enable the safe, quick change of buckets and other excavator attachments.

How it works

Understanding how these key safety features work in conjunction with each other to provide a secure locking system is important in selecting the best quick coupler.

Front Safety Lock
The Geith front safety lock is held in position by a powerful spring force until its release by hydraulic force during the intended coupler operation. The lock is also held in position by the cylinder force acting as a backup redundancy mechanism, thereby preventing any movement during working operations. It will retain the attachment pin in place in the event of a misconnection, preventing the accidental dropping of a bucket when an operator may think he has securely connected the bucket to the coupler.

Rear Safety Lock
The rear safety lock is the secondary safety feature backed up by two powerful springs and a positive retention engaging plate that retains the attachment rear pin in the event of hydraulic failure, ensuring the bucket is retained securely at all times. An additional level of protection is provided by standard hydraulic check valves in the coupler that protect against unexpected cylinder movement in the event of a hose leak.

Curl to Release and Internal Safety Springs
Internal Safety Springs: Combining this level of safety features with the industry-defining Curl to Release (which allows the attachment to be removed only when it is in a safe position) provides a multilayered approach to the Geith safety concept that, after more that 20 years in production and more than 150,000 units supplied globally, has never been bettered. These powerful spring-activated safety locks are robust and dependable in all types of applications and environments and are a prime consideration when evaluating a product’s reliability.

These features are not available on all quick coupler types or brands even today. Regardless of the quick coupler you use, ask yourself these questions: Is your quick coupler safe? Is the quick coupler you offer your customers safe?

Work Safe – Home Safe.
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