Innovation and Disruption at the 2021 Executive Conclave

As leaders, we must always be prepared for a change in environment. Disruptions in the industry are bound to happen, and, much like 2020, it is how we react to them that determines the continued success of our businesses. One major disruption that was brought to the forefront a couple of years back was the automation and electrification of our industry equipment. As noted in AEDF’s 2019 research report, “A Study of the Impact of Autonomous Technology,” the industry is moving toward a future that aims to be more environmentally friendly.

While the idea of this new technology can seem daunting, it is important that we remember that plenty of great ideas are subject to speculation when first introduced. Electrification and automation are predicted to become increasingly prevalent in our industry. As I mentioned in my inaugural speech, it is essential that we as AED members come to terms with change and embrace it, or risk being left behind as new technology takes over.

The basis of this idea is important for all members of the industry, but taking action often starts at the executive level. AED’s 2021 Executive Conclave is taking place September 1-2 in Boston, Massachusetts. This event is the only one of its kind each year, where executives throughout North America can gather to better themselves and network with industry members who face similar situations in their dealerships. I encourage those who can make it to attend and engage with other executives as they learn to improve company culture and innovation in the workplace. AED has an exciting lineup of speakers for this Executive Conclave, from a best-selling author to a former Disney senior executive who worked as the head of innovation and creativity.

Our world continues to evolve as a result of innovation, and the heavy equipment distribution industry is no different. The insight provided at this year’s Executive Conclave will allow us to stay connected and ahead of the game as we prepare for the changes that are sure to come.

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