Common Characteristics of Customer Service Teams

What is good customer service? While the definition can vary from company to company and industry to industry, good customer service typically means providing timely, attentive, positive service to a customer and ensuring their needs are met in a way that reflects positively on a company or business. Common characteristics that reflect good customer service include the following:

Quick Response Times: Customers are looking for fast solutions. A Forrester report indicates that 66% of adults say the most important thing a company can do is value their time. That’s why HBS Systems’ SupportNOW team focuses on efficiency and has developed a workflow that streamlines our support functions to handle your specific needs in a timely manner.

Self-Service: How often do you use a knowledge base to get answers to questions you have about the products and services you use every day, from your cell phone to your microwave to your excavator or tractor? A recent study by ZenDesk indicates that more than 50% of customers want to solve their own problems. HBS Systems’ NetView Help has been developed in conjunction with the input of more than 1,500 equipment dealerships to ensure that industry best practices are communicated in our valuable knowledge base. As the knowledge base continues to grow, so do our valued partners.

Industry Experience: Every business deals with frustrated and upset customers. Emotional intelligence, or the ability to correctly read and react to other people’s emotions, is a valuable skill in customer service roles. At HBS Systems, our team has more than 500 years of combined equipment dealership experience, often in the exact job your team needs help with. Whether it’s inventory management, sales, parts, service, rental, or accounting, we’ve been there, and we understand how you feel. As such, we can better assist in resolving your issues on the first call.

Creative Problem Solving: In the end, a customer calls a support line to solve a problem. Think of a time when you experienced someone going above and beyond to help you resolve an issue. You may have experienced this type of service only a few times; however, at HBS Systems, it’s what makes us different.

Our experienced and two-time Stevie Award-winning SupportNow team consistently provides exemplary service; you name it, we’ve dealt with it many times before. You name it, we’ve helped a dealer resolve it many times before. What’s more, our team always goes the extra mile to address your problems. No matter how complex the issue or how long it takes, we will work with you until it is resolved.

At HBS Systems, we go beyond providing exemplary customer service. We offer additional education and training opportunities based on our valued partners' needs. Invitations for training are sent through our Eclipse messaging feature that populates alerts/tasks inside of the NetView ECO software in addition to emails notifying customers of our regularly scheduled webinars. We also offer customized online and in-person training, and in-house classes at our offices in Richardson Texas. We look forward to hosting in-person classes again and seeing our customers back in the Learning Zone this year. 

Karen O’Connor, Vice President of Client Services, HBS Systems. An award-winning dealership industry expert, Karen brings more than 27 years of dealership experience to the team. Before her current role at HBS Systems, Karen served as an Installation and Training Specialist, Support Manager, and Director of Client Services. She graduated from Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado, with a degree in education. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors in Colorado fishing and hiking with her family.

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