April 2021


 2021 Technology Showcase

View the latest technology trends that AED member companies have to offer that help to improve, enhance or streamline an equipment distributor’s bottom line. 


Lori Lovely
With 350,000 new malware threats and 80,000 cyberattacks detected daily in 2020, the reality for businesses is not if they get hacked, but when.
Salman Rashid
If you Google the terms “workplace safety” or “employee safety,” you’re almost certain to see a result that talks about a workplace safety culture.
Kevin Forestell
E-commerce is a term that is gaining traction in all industries.
Karen Scally
A future with electric construction equipment is coming, and Dave Bolderoff says fleet managers need to be taking steps now to make sure they’re ready for it.
Karen O’Connor
What is good customer service?
Thomas Armitage
Tips to generate more revenue through direct, online selling
Jesse Buckingham
Why make just enough from your equipment rental business when you can multiply your revenue tenfold?
Caleb Yell
The year 2020 challenged our industry in unexpected ways.
Michael Kallenberger
Whenever a new president takes office, a sort of waiting game begins: when will we find out how closely his actions will match his campaign rhetoric?
Paul Wilson
What’s in store for the construction industry?
Kyle Larkin
For many keeping an eye on politics in the United States, it wasn’t a surprise when President Joe Biden signed an executive order that stripped the construction permits from the Keystone XL pipeline.
Brian P. McGuire
Since CED Magazine’s focus is on technology this month, I’d like to take a moment to speak about the critical role that technology plays in this industry.