AED Doubles Down on Education During Challenging Times

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, your association has doubled down on its commitment to providing top-notch education and resources to members and our accredited and affiliate college and high school programs. Here is a brief update on where we are with Canadian schools:


Grande Prairie Regional College – Fairview, Alberta
Program: CAT ThinkBIG Service Technology Program
General Program on track for accreditation


Conestoga College - Guelph, Ontario
Programs: Heavy Equipment Techniques; Motive Power Technician - Heavy Duty Equipment
The AED Foundation (AEDF) full accreditation in process

Centennial College - Toronto, Ontario
Program: Heavy Diesel-Equipment Program
AEDF full accreditation on track

Medicine Hat College - Medicine Hat, Alberta
Program: Heavy Equipment Technician Program
AEDF full accreditation on track

Northern Lights College - Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Program: Heavy Duty Equipment Technician - Apprenticeship Program
AEDF full accreditation on track

High Schools

Banting Memorial High School – Ontario
Anticipating the launch of a technician program in early 2021

Bear Creek Heavy Equipment Co-Op – Ontario
AEDF continues to support the school

Additionally, the top new Canadian school prospects for 2021 are the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

To demonstrate our commitment to a robust Canadian school program, AED is dedicating an additional hour during the Technical Training Committee meeting at Summit 2021 to discuss Canadian technical standards. The same conversation is planned with specific Canadian schools at the 2021 Instructors Conference.

As you may know, The AED Foundation is committed to accrediting 100 college programs by 2024. This is but one component of the Foundation’s Vision 2024 goal, aiming to reduce the workforce shortage by building a strong pipeline of qualified technicians. Meeting this goal creates a conduit for the Foundation to directly affect the number of skilled technicians entering the equipment industry workforce. Accrediting additional college programs throughout North America will draw students’ attention to gain a quality education to prepare for their careers in the industry.

AEDF is also pleased to begin offering younger students a new way to gain knowledge and skills relevant to the equipment distribution industry: stackable credentials. Stackable credentialing is geared toward high school students and consists of offering courses that build upon each other, with a focus on AEDF’s core competencies. Stackable credentials provide students with a way to progress and learn about the industry outside of the classroom. Completing the Foundation’s stackable credentials program allows students to showcase their dedication to becoming competent and successful in the equipment industry.

As AEDF continues to address the industry’s skills gap through Vision 2024, the launch of the Construction Career Aptitude Test will help address the workforce shortage starting at the high school level. The test is designed for students age 13-17 with interest in the equipment industry. AEDF saw the need for an aptitude test that would allow students to see where they stand before committing to an industry program. Students can make an informed decision on their career path through the industry by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. The Foundation believes this free test will offer valuable information to inspire students to enter a field they are passionate about within the equipment industry.

The 50-question test focuses on key topics and skills that are used in the industry. It is designed to help students and instructors recognize their level of comprehension before any teaching or training. Some of these topics include measurement, mechanical reasoning, general mathematics and basic electrical concepts.

Finally, while COVID-19 has forced many activities and events to be put on hold, AED has persevered in the journey toward meeting its Vision 2024 goals. Throughout the pandemic, AEDF has adapted to meet the needs of students and schools, to help students graduate from its recognized high school programs. The Foundation has implemented an online proctoring system to maintain the technician test’s integrity while offering worry-free convenience to students and schools by making test-taking available 24/7. Part of Vision 2024 focuses on recognizing 50 high school programs within the next four years. With Vision 2024 in mind, the Foundation anticipates more students graduating from these programs in the coming years.

Thank you for your continued dedication to AED and The AED Foundation. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything. Remember, we are in this together.

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