POST COVID-19 Revenue Recovery: It's all about culture. Part One.

COVID-19 has thrown everyone for a loop. Businesses must scramble, reinvent, pivot, and do whatever is necessary to survive and ensure a path forward.

Two Facts Are Clear:

  1. We cannot replace lost selling time. It is gone forever.
  2. We cannot wait to act. Plans for recovery must begin now.

What you do now matters. The actions you take today will bear fruit tomorrow. That is what leaders do.

After the crisis passes, there will be two kinds of businesses:

  1. Companies with active, robust and current pipelines and client relationships.
  2. Companies with inactive, weak and stale pipelines and client relationships.

The momentum and sense of urgency you dare to create today will greatly impact the long-term health and stability of your organization, culture and revenue.

Harmful Behaviors and Mindsets

These damaging activities and negative outlooks will create tension in the workplace, reduce productivity and delay recovery.

  1. Silos Kill: Allowing people to recede into their silos, hoping that things will improve, will inhibit collaboration and creativity and halt sales.
  2. Expecting Blood From a Stone: Do you think the sales team enjoys not producing? Demanding more from a group of people who cannot give it is not leadership – it is the opposite, and it will destroy your company. There is an old saying: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” Finger-pointing, demanding and screaming guarantees the collapse of your team.
  3. It’s All About Me: Everyone has been impacted by this pervasive pandemic. Ignoring the fact that your employees, clients, vendors, donors, suppliers, etc., are also vulnerable and trying to “figure this out” will quickly and permanently destroy your relationships.
  4. Lack of Transparency: Operations have returned to normal but your employees are still worried about their jobs and the future of the organization. Failing to engage and regularly communicate with your staff will create unwanted tension, a culture of negativity, and a loss of productivity.
  5. Thank You’s Don’t Matter Now: Don’t assume that because times are tough, employees won’t look for a new job or that a long-standing client won’t go elsewhere. Recognize that your best assets are your relationships. Expressing your appreciation is always timely.

After the Pandemic: Is It Business as Usual?

NO. You can’t ignore the fact that things have changed. But regaining your competitive edge and being successful post-COVID-19 does not require you to abandon everything you know and start from scratch. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. What you need is the right combination of people, a positive mindset and an inclusive culture. And to work smarter.

The Rule of Thirds: We must work 300% smarter because what we were doing is now only one third as effective.

Stay tuned for part two: “A Recovery Culture in Action.” If you would like the full report now, send a note to and mention “Your Special Report” in the subject line.

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