Vote Like Your Company Depends on It

Every four years, the politicians repeat the refrain, “This is the most important election of our lives.” I’ll leave it to the historians to determine whether 2020 will truly be our lifetimes’ most significant election. However, we can all agree that the results on November 3, 2020, will substantially impact future public policy at all government levels.

Infrastructure, regulatory, tax, labor, trade, environmental, immigration, education and energy policy will all be on the front burner in 2021. Recent congressional inaction means lawmakers will have the opportunity to shape major legislative initiatives. In addition to a backlog of must-do bills, Congress’s dysfunction has resulted in the U.S. presidency being more powerful than ever before.

Much of what happens in Washington is now done through executive order and regulatory actions. While enacted legislation is much harder to change, a prior administration’s policies are more easily undone. Consequently, who occupies the White House has more far-reaching implications than ever before.

Regardless of who wins the presidency and what party controls Capitol Hill, AED is ready to work with officials in Washington to implement the association’s pro-growth policy agenda. This includes restoring long-term certainty to federal infrastructure programs, making permanent key investment incentivizing provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, decreasing the regulatory burden on small and medium-sized businesses and addressing the industry’s skilled labor shortage. AED has laid the groundwork to ensure the industry has a seat at the table as these and other policies are considered, regardless of Republican or Democratic control.

Elections have consequences. It’s crucial not only that you vote, but also that you encourage your employees and colleagues to do so. There’s too much at stake not to practice your civic duty and cast a vote for your candidates of choice.

Your responsibility to your company and the industry doesn’t end on November 3. Stay engaged in the political process, host a congressional facility visit, attend the Washington Fly-In and learn more about the AED PAC.

Voting is a positive step in getting desired policy outcomes, but without consistent engagement and involvement, the opportunities of a favorable political environment can easily be squandered and the threats of a harmful campaign platform can quickly become law. 

Whether or not your preferred candidate wins this time around, remember that November 4 is the beginning of the 2024 election campaign. Rumor has it that that contest will be the most critical election of our lifetime.

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