October 2020


2020 Attachment Showcase

Construction equipment distributors continue to want to add versatility to their fleets with attachments that dig, crush, mulch, lift, demolish and more. The CED Attachment Showcase is your best source that previews the most anticipated offerings to enhance your equipment!


Kyle Larkin
On August 23, after hours of technical delays caused by a machine ripping ballots, Erin O’Toole was named as the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
Scott McPherson
It’s been a great pleasure to work with the wonderful AED members in the Great Lakes and Northern Plains over the past year.
After losing a hard fight to Pancreatic Cancer last June, Rick Taylor’s family turned to The AED Foundation for assistance in setting up a scholarship fund in his name to honor his legacy
Renting equipment can be a great cost-saving initiative for a business, giving it access to the necessary equipment without its having to invest in long-term maintenance needs or upfront cost.
Ben Preston
The pandemic has created a shift toward digitization like we have never seen before.
Sarah O'Brien
Many leaders care about gender diversity — at least they say they do.
Michelle King
The lack of women in leadership roles is not simply a representational issue, but a cultural one.
Dirk Beveridge
In 2010, the Edward Hines Lumber Co. went bankrupt.
Daniel B. Fisher
Every four years, the politicians repeat the refrain, “This is the most important election of our lives.”
While there’s a great deal of political uncertainty with the upcoming 2020 elections, AED members and their customers are prepared to adapt to whatever the results may be.
Brian P. McGuire
Last month, members of AED’s executive team, myself included, embarked on a 10-day, nine-city, 2,600-mile road trip via motor coach to visit dealers.