How AEDF-Accredited Programs Benefit AED Dealer Members

The AED Foundation’s (AEDF’s) accredited college programs offer students the ability to receive quality training that meets the industry-recognized standards that the Foundation has developed. Because of AED’s long-standing and trusted history, students can feel assured that they are making a quality investment in their professional education that will have a lasting impact on their future. 
The certification helps graduates to be seen as quality, hardworking applicants who take education seriously. 

These are just a few reasons why attending a program that is AEDF- accredited can be a life-changing opportunity for students. But accredited college programs often work closely with dealers as well. Faced with the option to become involved, dealers may wonder how the accreditation program benefits their own business and what will come of their involvement. 

Dealers benefit from involvement in accreditation programs in several ways, and in fact, they often can impact the program itself. Dealers that oversee how a program is run or what equipment is used can ensure that the program’s training and equipment meet their own dealership needs. This is a rewarding opportunity, giving them confidence that students in the program are well-equipped to operate and become familiar with the same type of equipment used at the dealership. 
This, in turn, saves dealers training time and money that would otherwise be spent on getting a new technician up to speed with these policies. Not only does dealer involvement allow for more familiarity with the training process the students go through, but, depending on the circumstances, there can be opportunities for dealers to interact with the students directly. Students attending an AEDF- accredited college program are generally seeking a rewarding career in the industry, and this can be a chance for dealerships to make an impression on them. 

Students in AEDF-accredited programs are dedicated to learning and understanding the following six core competencies: 

- Electrical/electronics 
- Hydrostatics/ hydraulics 
- Powertrains 
- Diesel engines 
- Safety/ administration 

In addition, dealers can be assured that graduates are up to date with the latest industry requirements, as accreditation programs are updated and reviewed often to ensure credibility. This allows for a seamless transition from an accredited program into the workforce. 

Jason Blake, executive vice president and COO of The AED Foundation, discusses the importance of college accreditation programs: 

“Dealers benefit from the accreditation programs because The AED Foundation is setting the standards for the industry. The Foundation continues to update our standards to comply with the new technology we see in the industry. From our accredited college programs, dealers are receiving a highly trained technician. The certification technician status that graduates receive from the program is proof that they have received the most up-to-date, exceptional education.” 
Students attending these programs show that they care deeply about working hard to develop a rewarding career in the industry. As the program can be demanding and tests are challenging, the student’s commitment to completion displays the effort that they are willing to put into their careers as technicians. This perseverance translates into their becoming successful, top-tier industry technicians. 

After finishing the learning-intensive accredited college program, graduates report higher learning retention as well as placement. AEDF is proud to assist dealers in finding top-quality applicants with refined technical skills, as indicated by the certification. In addition, graduates from the program can enter rewarding careers with a certification that only a small percentage of technicians have earned, helping them stand out from the crowd. 

At the 2018 Career Day in Salt Lake City, Jeff Lee from Ditch Witch in the Rockies said, “We feel it’s important to participate with AED and what they’re doing here because these kids in high school and college, they’re our future. They’re the people who are going to be servicing our equipment and keeping it running, and it’s important to have good quality mechanics out in the field.”      

The AED Foundation has worked hard to develop an accreditation program known as one that provides an exceptional education to students. With an increase in accredited programs, the Foundation hopes to bring an influx of highly qualified technicians to dealerships and a distinguishing factor to the colleges that have accredited programs. The Foundation believes that this goal will benefit all involved, including students, schools and dealers. 

The Foundation is proud to connect dealers with students and spark interest in the future of the industry. While Vision 2024 involves many different goals, achieving its goal of 100 accredited college programs is one that will bring meaningful connections between dealers and technicians.
If you have questions about the Foundation’s accreditation process, please contact Linley Thompson at

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