November 2020


Online Innovation in Equipment Sales

As Plant & Equipment commemorates reaching its 50,000-listing milestone a year earlier than anticipated, the company reflects on how far they’ve come, how a global pandemic has impacted business, and where they still hope to go.


Kyle Larkin
On September 23, Governor General Julie Payette delivered the Speech from the Throne, which was written by the government to set out its priorities for the upcoming session.
Phil Riggs
My previous article – submitted in April – was written through the lens of uncertainty.
Alexandra Joyce
The AED Foundation’s (AEDF’s) accredited college programs offer students the ability to receive quality training that meets the industry-recognized standards that the Foundation has developed.
Troy Harrison
I can spot a Tom Hopkins disciple (or for that matter, a disciple of a Tom Hopkins disciple) from a mile away.
Alexis Gladstone
I’ve been involved in several change initiatives throughout my career, leading some and helping leaders guide their teams through others.
Ben Dattner & Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Who are you online? In the business world, there is a simple way of working out who our professional personas are: just pay attention to how others see us.
Todd Cohen
A Recovery Culture in Action: Many of us have resumed selling and are having much success.
Bob Feldman
After Election Day, more than 100 million Americans will physically or virtually report to their jobs.
Lori Lovely
AED members have exclusive access to reports containing proprietary benchmarking data on the heavy equipment rental business.
Karen M. Scally
f you’re not already tapping into what your construction fleet management data is telling you, you are already behind.
Lori Lovely
In 2017, Zayd and Saleh Kuba acquired a magazine named Middle East Plant and Equipment to leverage its extensive international database of heavy equipment for sale.
John Deere Brings Back “No Payments, No Interest” Finance Offer for Compact Construction Equipment
Brian P. McGuire
AED is proud to have taken the first step toward bringing back live events in a way that enables all of our members to feel secure and safe.
Ron Barlet
While 2020 has been challenging and the future will undoubtedly contain more trials as the pandemic continues, I’m pleased to report that AED has been impacting the political process.