Do you know the benefits of the Financial/HR Symposium?

As spring quickly approaches, there is no better time to highlight one of the many important upcoming equipment industry events: the 2020 Financial/HR Symposium. 

This year’s symposium will be held in Napa, California, at the Napa Valley Marriott from April 15 to 17. Make sure to apply early – registration is now open at (url is case-sensitive). 

At this conference specifically designed for finance and HR professionals, attendees can expect to learn from industry experts on issues and topics deemed most important and impactful to the field today. 

Some HR topics that will be covered at the Symposium are best hiring practices, how to retain talent, and much more. From a financial standpoint, the annual event will cover beneficial accounting and financial practices that will have a positive impact on your company.  

Rated as “very good” or higher by more than 88% of past attendees, the Financial/HR Symposium is home to many valuable experiences – including but not limited to beneficial educational content, key networking opportunities and industry-specific featured speakers. 

Educational Content:

The educational content, considered the most important aspect of Symposium, gives attendees access to a variety of financial and HR opportunities. According to one of last year’s attendees, educational sessions were full of “a lot of important information” that was relevant to the fields of both finance and human resources. 

Half of the respondents noted that the educational content provided at Symposium was the most valuable aspect of their experience. Aim to take advantage of the information that will be at your disposal this April!


A major benefit of being an AED member is your access to others in the industry. The Financial/HR Symposium is home to a multitude of like-minded individuals who are aiming to increase their business’s potential. 

This is a great chance for you to connect with your fellow AED members to advance your career and business, get a pulse on how the rest of the industry is feeling, and make worthwhile connections. One past attendee noted that Symposium is a “great opportunity to network with industry peers [because there’s] a lot of sharing of ideas and best practices.” 

Featured Speakers:

Like every AED event, Symposium is host to a litany of relevant and excellent featured speakers. An attendee of last year’s event described the speaker sessions as a “great opportunity to learn from the expertise of leaders in the industry.” Each year we strive to place interesting and exciting speakers in front of our members, and this year’s Symposium is poised to keep that tradition. 

In order to use your AED membership to its full advantage, consider attending the Financial/HR Symposium. Doing so will put your business ahead in 2020 and beyond! 

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