Make 2020 a Year of Vision

As we continue to move into this new year, I am pleased to recognize what an honor it is to represent AED as its 101st chairman. To be part of an organization that has served and thrived for over 100 years is something that I do not take for granted. 

Other aspects that I don’t take lightly are the members I serve and the chairs who came before me. Members drive everything we do, and I look forward to the challenge of keeping them not only satisfied but engaged. 

Fortunately, our past chairs have laid the groundwork for me to step into this role and seamlessly do my job with the idea that we will continue to move forward and strive together in the equipment distribution industry. I aim to make not only them but our members proud of the efforts that will be made while I hold the position. 

A critical goal that I hope to meet is that of promoting strong leadership. From the time I started my career, one thing that has remained constant is the need for well-rounded leaders.  A company can have a solid business plan and a positive economic outlook, but if there is nobody count on to for guidance or inspiration, things will always go awry. 

So, as your leader, I want us to embrace constant improvement.  This, however, requires me to ask you to make a few changes to drive that progress. The first is that you increase both your commitment to and your investment in the association; doing so will ensure not only the success of your business, but for the industry as a whole. Such investments allow us to focus on improvements like hosting events and networking, providing education and industry research reports, vying for the industry on Capitol Hill, and providing adequate training for our technicians. 

Additionally, I would ask our members to continue fighting for the industry from a legal and political standpoint. AED provides many opportunities for your voices to be heard; it would be foolish not to take advantage of them. Whether it’s Parliament Hill Day (March 30-31) or the Washington Fly-In (June 16- 18), the shaping of rules and regulations is continuously at the forefront. 

Lastly, I ask our membership to positively embrace our youth. No longer should we give in to the stereotype of the “lazy millennial.” It is that sort of ideology that puts us behind from the start. Instead, we should be embracing the new generation with the offer of rewarding work and the chance to have a sustainable career. How can we do this? By providing proper training and education, supporting the technician accreditation process, and continually making an effort to open our arms as leaders and welcome them to the industry.  

A new year and a new decade. 2020 shouldn’t be a year of hindsight, but a year of vision. I intend to lead the association to a more unique and more expansive horizon. This year I’m making it a personal goal to meet the needs of our dealers and push all of us to think about new ways to compete effectively in our industry. Furthermore, I would like to ensure we stay committed to investments in education, networking and comradery alike. 

I want to thank AED, our members and Bejac Corporation for helping me arrive at this point and allowing me to serve as chairman of the board of AED!

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