Environmental Equipment Sales & Service Joins AED

Environmental Equipment Sales & Services (EESS), a premier refuse and recycling equipment dealer serving Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island, recently joined AED. EESS is an authorized Heil refuse body dealer and Amrep Roll-Off dealer, offering a complete line of new and used refuse trucks, roll-offs and Heil OEM parts.

EESS attended Summit for the first time in 2020 and learned of the scope and depth of AED’s services at the conference and at a Heil dealer meeting. Cowher described his decision to join the trade organization as an easy one, saying, “I was impressed with AED during my first go-around at Summit. I joined the group as soon as I returned home.”

Rooted in Fleet Management

Cowher has been repairing and operating farm equipment since he was 13 years old. Growing up on a farm and being the oldest of eight children, it did not take long for him to gain an appreciation for the heavy equipment that powered the family business. His father was a heavy truck/heavy equipment mechanic and instilled in him the importance of care for the environment, service, and proper equipment operation. Reflecting on some of the earliest lessons he learned on the farm, Cowher commented, “Trucks and equipment have to be clean and well cared for to prevent any environmental issues. You need the right equipment to optimize use and prevent anyone from being hurt.”

Cowher joined the U.S. Navy Seabees as a construction mechanic immediately after graduating high school. He spent five years in the Seabees managing teams of mechanics, ensuring work was top quality and building his leadership skills. Just before leaving the Navy, he was given a piece of advice by an old Navy chief that has directed his professional career ever since. The man told Cowher, “If you choose food, funeral homes or trash as a career, you will never have to want for work.” Shortly thereafter, Cowher was headed into the refuse business.

In 1982, he shifted into the refuse equipment industry and managed a fleet of long-haul tractor trailers and heavy equipment for an independent company in Massachusetts. To date, he has held leadership positions with Casella Waste Systems, Advanced Disposal, Veolia Environmental Services, Solid Waste Association of North America, ReNewable Resources Unlimited and Waste Management Inc.

Cowher’s experience as a truck mechanic, a general manager, a fleet director, a vice president of fleet maintenance and a vice president of operations came full circle with the launch of Environmental Equipment Sales & Service LLC in 2016.

Three years ago, EESS began selling Heil bodies and parts. It also services Heil equipment in its state-of-the-art, fully staffed facility. Cowher points out, “Our excellent technicians can not only service and repair Heil bodies, but any brand of refuse body. We are one of the only dealers I know that only sell and service refuse equipment.”

EESS also helps municipalities as well as private and public entities with their short- and long-term rental needs, through its partnership with Big Truck Rentals. Big Truck Rentals has the largest nationwide network of garbage truck rental locations in both the USA and Canada, and EESS is proud to be a part of that network. “We have aligned with BTR since 2016 and the rental business has grown quickly in that time.”
Trends in Refuse Equipment

When asked what changes in refuse equipment he was most excited about, Cowher quickly and enthusiastically pointed to Heil’s newly announced line of equipment. “Heil is in the process of releasing several new products that address problems refuse haulers deal with on a daily basis,” said Cowher. “They all culminate in delivering products that deliver the lowest total cost of collection. By that I mean these products were designed to make a hauler’s life easier by lasting longer in the field, delivering better value day in and day out, providing a simpler product for new operators to be productive in.”

For example, intuitive products like the Heil Autonomous Lift Option (H.A.L.O.). This product allows for refuse equipment to be immediately effective, no matter the experience of the operator with commercial front loaders. Heil has incorporated machine learning into their Odyssey control-equipped Half/Pack front loader. This technology assists drivers by using preset arm and fork height depending on the individual dumpster size. Once the dumpster is emptied, it is returned to its original location with the push of a single button. This removes the need for drivers to position the dumpster for each dump cycle.

The H.A.L.O system not only helps new equipment operators by removing some of the skill element of operating a front loader, it is also making the job safer for all drivers and operators. Because the system controls where and how the dumpster is returned, operators no longer have to worry about the bottom of the dumpster crashing into the windshield or crashing down on the cab shield. H.A.L.O. takes care of the positioning of the dumpster on release, allowing drivers to keep their focus on driving safely.

“Heil is also pioneering a new training program called Nexteligence™ Connected Tech,” said Cowher. “That too will be a game changer for dealers like me, as well as refuse haulers looking to better equip their service technicians.” Heil will soon be launching a newer low-profile front loader and a new automated side loader. Check out for updates on these exciting advancements in refuse equipment.
The EESS Commitment

Cowher and his team at Environmental Equipment Sales & Service dedicate themselves to helping their clients run the right equipment for any job. That includes providing parts and service for the machines they sell and rent. EESS is committed to being the best new and used refuse truck dealership in New England, and it shows.

With over 34 years of waste management industry experience and an eagerness to serve their clients, EESS is right on track to do just that. “We are going to do what it takes to serve the customer, prove that Heil is a great brand and that EESS is a great dealer,” Cowher comments, “and we are going to win them one at a time.”

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