Legendary Service: Bigfoot Crane Joins AED

Providing exceptional customer service in the crane and high-angle material handling sector since 2014, Bigfoot Crane Co. now considers themselves “solution engineers” for British Columbia’s rising construction industry. “We strive to be a leader in the high-angle material handling industry by providing the best in cranes, hoists, under-hook accessories, service and solutions,” they add, “With 29 years of experience, we understand the challenges our customers face.” 

Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Bigfoot’s crane rental and hoist rental fleet mostly covers the metropolitan Vancouver area. Along with new and used crane sales, rentals and services, Bigfoot also offers hoist sales, rentals and service; sales and rentals of under-hook crane accessories; wind safety system sales and rentals; sales and rentals of zone control systems for tower cranes; and both off- and on-site crane operator training, rigger training, and hoist operator training.

Bigfoot Crane Co. began after the Eagle West crane business was sold and reorganized in 2014. The first order of business was finding a name and trademark other than that of Eagle West. Owner Ryan Burton consulted with his youngest daughter, who recommended the name Bigfoot because her father had always been interested in the Sasquatch/Bigfoot folklore. “That idea was a hit, and we all originally liked it for the ‘fun factor,’” said Wiebe. “It wasn’t for a couple of years that we realized that the actual philosophy that we wanted to bring into the marketplace was embedded in the name. The idea is that a Bigfoot is legendary because it is powerful, strong and tough to come by. We realized that was the state of industrial service at the time, really hard to come by. So, our logo now sports our name and our tagline: Legendary Service.”

Keeping Bigfoot Crane geared toward such exemplary service requires a heightened self-awareness about what the company is and is not. “We want to base our business on exceptional service, not on low price or high volume,” said Wiebe. “We don’t need every customer. We need the customers that understand downtime in high-angle construction is death.” This maxim is especially accurate in British Columbia, where recent changes to building codes have raised the maximum height limitations on buildings.

“In our neck of the woods, it used to be that buildings could only be built up three stories on top of concrete. Now, we can go eight stories of wood on top of a concrete foundation, and they are pushing the envelope now to even 12 stories. This is very exciting for our segment of the power crane industry because we have some significant new housing needs in this marketplace.” Wiebe continued, “The challenge becomes, how do we get new housing costs lowered effectively, so people are working with new building methods? Mid-rise or mid-sized construction is really solid up here as of the last couple of years, and we’re thrilled to be a big part of that.”

Growth comes thoughtfully and organically for Bigfoot Crane Co. “Rather than having ten operations spread out all over the place, we would sooner have ten major product or service lines heavily concentrated in a region and build exemplary service around them.” To date, Bigfoot Crane has one of the largest, if not the largest, crane rental fleets in Canada – a fleet that grows by two to five machines per year.

“We are constantly looking for more things that complement our skill, technical and administration level. At the same time, helping our customers with the things they need help with and service for is paramount for us. If it’s a commodity you’re looking for, we are not those people. We are the people that use the tools hyper-effectively to build solutions for customers. So it’s about solution engineering and fitting the right tool for the right job.”

To bring their legendary service to the next level, Bigfoot Crane has recently joined The AED Foundation. The company plans on using the expertise of AED and its members to provide better human resources and educational opportunities for their employees.

 “Our legendary service is made possible only by our mythic culture. We’ve worked hard to foster a culture of care, competition, support and mutual respect. In other words, we work with our friends.” 

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