December 2020


Exclusive First Look: 2021 CONDEX Exhibitors

The CONDEX floor for the 2021 Summit at The Mirage Hotel Las Vegas is filling up and these manufacturers and service providers are excited to share their products and services with you in Vegas. Whether you Consider yourself a heavy or small dealer, the CONDEX floor has something for you!


Robert F. Dieli
Every year MacKay & Company surveys hundreds of owners and maintainers of construction equipment to understand their service and parts buying practices and rationale.
Kyle Larkin
The autumn of 2020 was a tumultuous time in Canadian politics.
Michael Kallenberger
"There's going to be a lot to unpack for weeks, months, and even years ahead."
Michael Kallenberger
America’s heavy equipment and diesel technology educators are a resilient group, and it’s because they don’t take a challenge lying down.
In addition to providing gifts in celebration of its 75th anniversary this year, Ohio Machinery Co. is giving its employees and their families an opportunity: the possibility of a college scholarship.
Lori Lovely
Jesse Buckingham
Stomaching equipment rental damage doesn't need to be a "cost of doing business."
Lori Lovely
Before the name "Summit" was coined, the annual gathering was called CONDEX, but sometime in the past few decades, CONDEX became known as only the expo/trade show component of Summit
Many of you may be thinking, A live event during a global pandemic? Read how AED made it possible to host a safe in-person event during COVID-19.
John Deere expands the capabilities of its popular Grade Pro (GP)-Series of motor graders with new technology
Brian P. McGuire
While we have all been through a tumultuous year that will not soon be forgotten, the Association is eager to set our members up for new prospects in 2021.