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Q&A with AED’s President and CEO

There’s a lot of gridlock in Washington, D.C., right now. Here’s what you need to know.

Over the past couple of weeks, many of you have been contacted by AED’s regional manager team urging you to contact your United States senators. CED sat down with AED’s president and CEO, Brian P. McGuire, to discuss this matter, and he added his voice urging you to act. He encourages you to reach out to your employees as well and ask them to take action by contacting members of the U.S. Senate, urging them to take action on an infrastructure bill to assist in the economic recovery. There’s too much at stake for the nation, the industry and your company not to take a few minutes to engage in the process.

CED: What is AED’s Grassroots Campaign and who is it targeting?
McGuire: The AED Grassroots Campaign is focused on activating all the members of AED, our distributors, our manufacturers, and our service providers, to contact members of the United States Senate and urge them to take action on an infrastructure program.

CED: Why is this infrastructure program so important and why does the industry need to be involved?
McGuire: There’s a lot of gridlock in Washington, D.C., right now. You just have to pick up a newspaper or view a posting on social media to see that there’s a lot of debate over what Congress should do to provide relief for the COVID-19 pandemic and get the economy moving again. We believe, because of our experience as an industry, that throughout history one of the best ways to get the economy jump-started has been through infrastructure.

The trickle-down effect of a strong infrastructure program will not only raise the boats of AED members, but also those of many, many other industries and individuals across the country. We will all be impacted positively by a strong infrastructure program.

If we want to get America working again, the best thing we can do is invest in infrastructure, spending money on things that will be here long after they are paid for.

CED: Why are AED members being encouraged to reach out to their senators to pass the infrastructure bill?
McGuire: It takes a lot to move members of Congress, and especially United States senators. We have a unique opportunity here, where we can really impact public policy. It is essential for all our members to reach out to their senators to get the Senate to take action on an infrastructure program. This can only be accomplished by all our membership engaging. And in this case, we’re asking members not only to engage themselves, but to reach out to their employees and their suppliers and encourage them to contact the U.S. senators from their states – and states where they have locations – and urge them to take action on an infrastructure bill and help the country begin an economic recovery.

CED: How will this infrastructure bill benefit the industry?
McGuire: History has shown us that the one sure cure for economic issues is infrastructure investment. More people will go back to work and the economy will benefit from spending on infrastructure, not just in the construction sector but in many sectors that service the construction sector as well. We know that when thoughtful projects are completed in districts across the country, this will lead to solid economic recovery. And not superficial recovery, but long-lasting recovery. For decades, Congress has failed to properly fund the improvements in infrastructure that this country needs to keep us as an economic world power.

Now is the time for the Senate to act. We need your help. Let’s all reach out to our senators together to urge action.

Visit for access to prepared drafted emails to send to your senators.

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