House Democrats Pass Infrastructure Bill, Senate Must Act

The House of Representatives has approved on a mostly party-line vote the INVEST in America Act/Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2). The $1.5 trillion package authorizes funding and sets forth federal policy related to roads, bridges, transit systems, schools, housing, broadband, water systems, airports and other infrastructure.

The White House issued a veto threat prior to the House vote. After House passage, AED’s President and CEO, Brian P. McGuire, released the following statement:

“The House infrastructure proposal is commendable in certain areas, including its funding levels, but it also contains many concerning provisions that would impose unnecessary mandates when Congress should be looking to reduce regulatory burdens and expedite project delivery. While there’s a great deal not to like both in substance about H.R. 2 and the excessively partisan process taken by House leadership, the House did its job and passed an infrastructure bill. The time is long overdue for the Senate to take similar action and approve legislation to provide long-term, robust infrastructure investments.”

To spur Senate action, AED is launching an unprecedented grassroots push to tell the U.S. Senate that the economy, our industry and the American people demand infrastructure investment to put people back to work, spur economic growth and ensure the country’s future international competitiveness.

Following the House vote, AED delivered a letter to all U.S. Senate offices with a clear message that the chamber must act in a bipartisan manner to ensure infrastructure legislation reaches the president’s desk as soon as possible. Now it’s your turn. Follow the steps below to urge your U.S. senators to do their jobs and approve a multiyear infrastructure bill.

1. Visit for a list of senators. Identify your senators, click the link, and a drafted email will pop up addressed to the senators’ transportation staffer. Remember, you should send this drafted email to senators in every state where you have operations.

2. Please personalize the email to your company with as many details as possible (don’t forget to complete the bracketed fields and then delete the brackets, e.g., [INSERT STATE], [INSERT COMPANY NAME]).

3. It would help if you encouraged everyone in your business to follow these steps and pass along any feedback to

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