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The Infrastructure Bill Requires Your Efforts: Act Now

With North America continuing to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, this year has brought more challenges than any of us could have anticipated. Despite this, there is still an opportunity to secure future projects and continuing work for AED members.

The House has approved the Moving Forward Act, and now it’s the Senate’s turn to take action. The Senate needs to pass a similar bill, doing so will have a lasting impact on our industry’s economic security and growth – and on the future of our country’s infrastructure.

Our infrastructure needs have been neglected for far too long. Millions of Americans rely on bridges and highways as an essential part of their everyday routines. Without a bill, these structures will suffer, and the safety of travel for everyone will decline. High-quality infrastructure is essential to our nation’s prosperity, and it is our responsibility to ensure that safety is not adversely impacted.

Specifically, an infrastructure bill will give the industry long-awaited financial support that will boost the equipment industry economy. The fact that this year has been so financially difficult for so many businesses makes it imperative that we all be proactive in contacting our U.S. senators. Passage of this bill will ensure that projects go forward and that sufficient work will be available on a continuing basis.

The mission of AED is to provide resources for our dealer members, and the association recognizes that this bill will be very effective in that regard. This urgent situation calls for the attention of both dealer owners and their employees. As a distributor, I highly encourage you to pass this message on to your Senators since the outcome will have a significant impact on us all. It is vital that we all email our senators.

AED has worked to develop a list of Senators by their state and a draft letter for you and your employees to send by clicking on your U.S. Senators’ names. We encourage you to email every Senator in the states that your company operates in. Together, we can work to pass this bill. The industry depends on everyone involved to move this bill through the Senate and provide projects for industry customers.

As CEO of AED, I urge all of our members and their employees to take the time to email their senators. Our combined efforts in this campaign will help us all to continue moving forward toward a brighter future.

In Canada, AED will be announcing a broad industry coalition effort with leading national construction associations including the Canadian Construction Association, National Trade Contractors Council of Canada and the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada, to shape the narrative around long-term infrastructure investments as critical to Canada’s economic recovery. More details on the “Building Back Stronger” campaign will be shared with AED members.

Although this year has undoubtedly tested our stamina, we must act together now to ensure that our success will continue for years to come.

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