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Gain Industry Advantage With AED’s 2020 Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report

The Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report is a useful research tool for AED members that provides new, vital industry information that is exclusive to the report. This report offers benchmarking that enables readers to compare compensation and benefits information between wholesale trade and distribution companies, not only in the equipment industry but in other industries as well. AED members can gain new insight on industry standards by interpreting the data charts provided on compensation and benefits. Not only will this allow companies to better plan for the future of their business, but it will help to ensure them that the compensation and benefits they offer continue to be competitive compared to others in the industry.

Maintaining competitive compensation and benefits, when possible, gives companies an edge and improves their ability to recruit top-tier employees. It helps members feel more certain that they are offering candidates fair compensation that is reflective of the industry as a whole. Competitive compensation also contributes to reduced turnover rates and improved employee morale. This is a great advantage to members because it helps to set the stage for the future prospects of the company. Displaying commitment to employee success and satisfaction can help improve the overall bottom line.

The Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey provides a better understanding of the industry and allows members to evaluate the needs of their companies confidently, with data to back up decision making. This is especially beneficial to human resources departments, especially now, as the report helps them stay up to date on the latest changes in the labor market.

 Overall, the information offered in the report takes the guesswork out of coming to sound resolutions for your business. Though these decisions can otherwise be a source of stress and confusion, the report constitutes a clear depiction of industry standards, helping members make informed and educated choices on compensation and benefits for their organizations.

Data in the report is organized into categories based on individual roles in the industry, including executive-level positions, general and administrative, sales and marketing, operations/warehouse and information technology. The report also covers data on topics such as recruiting and retention, health care costs/trends, retirement benefits, vacations/PTO and holidays, sick and other leave, and sales practices. With clearly organized, easy-to-read data charts, readers can quickly compare how their company stacks up in numerous categories against distributors across North America. Insight on where your organization stands in comparison to others in similar roles allows for future planning and adjustments that will serve to benefit your business in the long run.

The report is based on a survey that was taken by companies in the industry. Participation in this survey not only helps to produce more accurate industry data, but it offers individualized perks as well. Those who participate receive a free copy of the report and an individualized company compensation report, making it easy to break down the data for their own organizations. In addition, participating members receive access to an online portal that provides benchmarking and reporting tools. AED is happy to provide these materials to those who participated in the survey, because we would not be able to offer this report without the efforts of our members.

The Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey can be purchased at Pricing is $595 for members and $1,195 for nonmembers. The exclusive information in this report offers readers a better understanding of the industry through clearly organized data charts. The comparative data makes it easy to see how your business relates to others in the industry and will help you feel confident to make changes where necessary and plan for the future. This tool is essential for members that seek a well-rounded understanding of their organization in relation to others in the industry.

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