August 2020

A Closer Look: E.D. Etnyre: The Road to Success

Back in 1895, Edward D. Etnyre puzzled over a way to effortlessly water his hogs on his Oregon, Illinois, farm. Out of necessity, at age 36, he invented an automatic system to keep the animals watered; soon after, he was manufacturing horse and cattle water stock tanks.


Kristen-Van Heste
Edward D. Etnyre was an unusually inventive, industrious man with a consuming interest in the welfare of his fellow man.
Alexandra Joyce
Don’t fall behind on the latest legal updates in the equipment industry.
Alexandra Joyce
The Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report is a useful research tool for AED members that provides new, vital industry information that is exclusive to the report.
Rob LeForte
Businesses in Canada are experiencing the most profound economic decline since the Great Depression.
Lori Lovely
Since 2017, AED’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) has hosted its multi-session course in Chicago to prepare dealership managers for broader organizational roles.
Shawn Rhodes
As we deal with the uncertainty of reopening, AED knows many of its members are looking for ways to thrive in a business climate that COVID has forever changed.
Lori Lovely
Much has changed since March – and yet, much has not.
Valerie Earnshaw
If you don’t already, you will soon know someone who has been ill with COVID-19 and survived.
Lori Lovely
By early September, West Side Tractor Sales Co. will be operating from its new location in Lisle, Illinois, just 7 minutes from its current headquarters in Naperville.
Sean Fitzgerrel
AED is the voice of the equipment distribution industry in D.C., and your membership and participation make that possible.
Daniel B. Fisher
he House of Representatives has approved on a mostly party-line vote the INVEST in America Act/Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2).
There’s a lot of gridlock in Washington, D.C., right now. Here’s what you need to know.
Daniel B. Fisher
Earlier this year, AED members were in Chicago for the 2020 AED Summit & CONDEX, preparing for a successful year and unaware of the global pandemic that would completely upend the world as we knew it.
BX Company LLC offers a full line of Link-Belt hydraulic excavators—including standard, long front & minimum swing configurations—from 8 to 80 metric tons.
Brian P. McGuire
With North America continuing to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, this year has brought more challenges than any of us could have anticipated.