FTP April 1200

Tackling the Uncertainty of COVID-19

I want to share with our members the actions we have taken during this crisis to ensure that your association continues to deliver value during these unsettling times.

As a result of quarantine efforts, AED has put together several resources for our members to take advantage of. The leading resource is our Coronavirus Update Center. Here, members can find all our COVID-19 updates and alerts in one place. The center includes tools like continual updates from Ottawa and Washington, D.C., governmental guidelines, information about relevant webinars and much more. 
Members can find our Coronavirus Update Center by visiting or  

Furthermore, the association has put together a variety of educational offerings designed to help our members deal with any issues that may be faced during these challenging times.  

One webinar you will find in the update center is “COVID-19: Employer Rights & Responsibilities,” presented by Michael Airdo of Kopon Airdo LLC. This webinar deals with many issues that businesses may be facing, from workplace safety to employee leave and everything in between. 

Another webinar, designed with the needs of our Canadian members in mind, is “COVID-19 & Labour Law: What You Need to Know,” presented by Killian McParland of Stewart McKelvey. It touches on a range of legal issues related to the coronavirus outbreak, and members are given resources to determine which available practices can have a positive impact on their business. 

Yet another webinar being offered to our members is presented by Michael Ribich of the J&R Group of Merrill Lynch, titled “Dealing with Volatility: What You Need to Know.” This webinar is designed to give our members an economic update on the financial impact that the coronavirus is having and what options you should be considering in the current climate. This is the first of a three-part series on the economic effects of the pandemic.

AED has been a loud and consistent voice to public policy leaders on the need for construction to continue and for it and its suppliers to be considered essential business as shelter in place orders have been issued. 

AED joined with AEM and EDA on letters to each of the state and territorial governors to do just that when issuing orders. The two organizations also weighed in with the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Both Organizations also sent a letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania, urging that the construction ban be lifted from his emergency order. AED weighed in with each of the Provincial Premiers in Canada and with the mayors of Chicago and Boston, and the National Governors Association in encouraging similar exemptions for our members and their customers.

Be sure to check out our full catalog of available webinars at

Things are changing rapidly, and your association will do its best to provide you with timely and useful information so that you can make informed decisions in running your business. I end with a wish for each of you, your family, and your employees to come through this challenge healthy.

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