An Update on The AED Foundation’s Efforts & Accomplishments

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought about trying times for many of our supporting businesses and organizations. I understand that this uncertainty can be unsettling, so I want to take time to update you on what The AED Foundation has been working on during this unprecedented time and to encourage you all to take full advantage of the resources that the Foundation has to offer.

The AED Foundation has been happy to offer free webinars during this period, as well as free access to one of our self-study courses. The success of the technicians in our industry is vital to the Foundation, which is why we believe in offering free education to help advance our members’ careers.

With this being a new experience for us all, we also felt it necessary to offer free access to our latest content on the coronavirus pandemic topic. We want you to be informed and aware of what is going on and what steps we are taking to help our supporters in light of recent events.

In addition to free content, we have decided to put out a limited-time offer for those who have taken advantage of our free self-study course. Those who took the free course can now purchase the entire certification course for 30% off the original price. I am hopeful that this effort on the Foundation’s part will encourage those interested in our programs to take the final steps toward gaining a certification to advance their careers.

To make it easier to access our online content, AED is rolling out a new and improved learning management system (LMS) with a user-friendly testing system. One of the critical features of this new system is that technicians can find everything they need all in one place, whereas our previous testing and educational courses were found on separate websites. AED Foundation is proud to have been able to make this update, as we are always looking to improve our technology to benefit our members better.

Additionally, we have provided a free industry research report, The Equipment Industry Technician Shortage: Reassessing Causes, Impacts and Policy Recommendations, to show our members how the skills gap is affecting our industry. The data in this report presents a clear picture of why our workforce development efforts are essential to the industry. Members can access the report by visiting (case-sensitive).

Regarding accredited schools, I am happy to announce that The AED Foundation has accredited one school since the COVID-19 outbreak began: Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota. This exciting accomplishment feels promising during this challenging time, as it will help produce qualified technicians to enter the industry.

I want you to know that AED and The AED Foundation are always working for the betterment of our members. Together we can continue to provide the support that will help to shape our industry’s future.

Don’t hesitate to take full advantage of the resources that are being offered. We are always here for you and will continue to be as we weather this storm together.

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