Protecting Your Critical Data

By Eric Stiles

We hear about it all the time – private information getting out into the public.   How can we best protect the private information/data of our customer, employee, and company?

Private information and data can be breached by illegal means, simple careless mistakes, or a combination of both. There are steps you can take to help avoid a breach, protecting valuable information or data entrusted to your business. Start with the following:

- Identify sensitive information such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers, as well as personal health and financial account information.

- Consider where it’s located, whether it’s an electronic or paper record, how it’s used, and whether it’s - genuinely needed for business reasons. If it’s not required, securely dispose of it.

- Work with a software/hardware security firm to review your data storage and security controls to ensure that secure encryption and authorization are currently in practice.

- Create a plan to deal with a potential release or theft of sensitive information – how you’ll notify those affected and what credit monitoring or repair services may be needed.
As an added layer of protection, make sure you require strong user passwords and a mandatory reset of those passwords at regular intervals. That’ll make it more difficult for hackers to break through your security and into your sensitive information or data.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it should help you get started. If you’re looking for further information and guidance, consider attending a data security conference or networking with other companies in your industry. The threat may be here to stay but analyzing your exposures and taking a proactive approach can help protect your business from a costly data breach.

At Sentry, we want to help you protect your business by providing the information and resources you need to prevent losses before they happen. Our Safety Services specialists are ready to address any of your questions or concerns. To learn more about data protection strategies, visit or give us a call today at 800-4SENTRY (800-473-6879).

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