Reflecting on the Past to Grow a Prosperous Future
It has been my privilege and honor to be your AED chairman this year and I have been proud to be one of the representatives of AED during its 100th year. Brandeis has played a strong and active role with the Association from its inception.

Reaching this milestone has made this year one of reflection for the Association, and one that has forced us to look to the future. The future of AED, including its next 100 years, will remain active only with the continued involvement of the next generation. As you know, you will only get something out of the Association if you put something into it.

AED will continue to be the way for members to come together to form or cultivate relationships, whether it be with each other, our customers, our employees, or our manufacturers. These are the kinds of bonds that help grow our companies and are something we can only gain from being part of an organization like AED.

Advocacy will be a top priority moving forward. As you know, if we do not continue to have a loud, united voice in Washington about the matters that are important to us, we will find ourselves on the menu, not at the table. These issues are vital to keeping our companies thriving and prosperous.

Business models around the world are changing, following the success of companies like Amazon and Uber. These business models and technologies will continue to impact our businesses, and we need to rise to the challenge with AED to address the threats and opportunities that come along with them.

I look forward to continuing to work with AED in various ways: to be a voice for its membership, to create tools and programs that help its members grow, and to continue to lead this organization toward success so we can celebrate another anniversary milestone in the future. I hope to see you all in Chicago for the 2020 Summit as I participate in welcoming and honoring our incoming chairperson.

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