Over the past few years, CED has reported on key technologies that are revolutionizing the heavy equipment distribution industry. Advances in building information modeling (BIM), drones, telematics, and the “internet of things” have all changed the way we go about business, and CED has reported on them all. 

For the inside scoop on some of the big tech trends of 2019, we checked in with some AED member service providers. Mobile functionality, integration, 5G and improved website engagement are just some of this year’s trends discussed. But when historians look back at 2019, the year will likely be remembered less for new technology than for the improvements to existing technological aids that made them more relevant to our businesses.

Take telematics, for example. If you have been to any industry trade show in the past four years, you were likely inundated with the possible synergies that telematics was supposed to bring about. Roughly a year ago, CED reported, “Top industry analysts have told us that telematics are over-promised and under-delivered, inferring the golden age of ‘internet of things’ and telematics has only just begun.” We cannot attribute the invention of telematics to 2019, but advances in telecommunications infrastructure by way of 5G networks will likely usher in the golden age of the “internet of things” this year.

Rather than looking for the next big “over-promised and under-delivered” technologies of tomorrow, let us look at the hardware and software available to us now, from some of the folks that know it best.


Microsoft’s largest partner, specializes in supporting equipment dealerships and leading equipment OEMs. Providing unique industry-leading solutions and in-depth industry knowledge and perspective is in our DNA. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics D365 Connected Dealer, we have just released Microsoft Dynamics D365 Connected Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics D365 Connected Rental. Both solutions reside entirely within Microsoft Dynamics D365 CRM, which allows for rapid and low-cost deployment. These modular solutions easily integrate with many leading financial and ERP software packages available today. Connected Dealer lets you leverage the power of IoT functionality, so you can build your share of customer wallet and drive better market performance. You can deploy the full potential of Dynamics and Microsoft Azure machine learning by using data to predict failure and resolve issues before they become apparent. Call us to find out how to join the more than 150 dealerships already using Connected Dealer.


Becoming more profitable with the same number of resources is critical to remaining competitive. Having many disparate software systems bolted together across your business will cause leaks in revenue and lost time trying to consolidate information and reports. Backed by over 30 years in the construction dealership industry, Baseplan Software helps companies streamline their processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Baseplan offers a comprehensive ERP software system that has been built specifically for the dealership industry. With comprehensive equipment sales, rentals, service, and inventory management modules functioning cooperatively with a real-time financial module, Baseplan Enterprise provides the highest level of process control and business intelligence. Visit for more information, and call us at 702-410-8600 to schedule a comprehensive demonstration and understand why Baseplan Software is much more than just a rental system.


BASYS Processing provides credit card and debit card processing services, with solutions that include terminals, virtual terminals, e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale, customized to fit any need. “We are very excited about 2019!” said Derek Wiedenmeyer, account manager at BASYS. “We will roll out some significant upgrades to our virtual terminal this year. Every day we add new software integrations via our gateway. In April, we are scheduled to break ground on a new building due to our continued growth of more than 20 percent per year since our founding in 2002.


Service, parts inventory, and rental equipment are important to the profitability of any equipment dealership. However, traveling staff, dispersed customers, and fluctuating inventory can make it challenging to keep the dealership running smoothly. CDK MobileInspection can help add value before the work even begins by confirming that a job site is safe for a technician. After work is completed, MobileInspection can help identify other areas of work to generate additional revenue for the service department. MobileInspection allows you to provide appraisals for customer units that need to be inspected for a trade. You can also use it to track damage to your rental fleet and estimate when the damage occurred. Highly customizable, MobileInspection allows dealerships to ask the questions they need answered and attach pictures that will be integrated with the equipment profile – without the need for paper notes and data entry. Streamline your mobile inspection process today!


CEMEN TECH has introduced AP Office and AP Mobile, a new set of tools in its ACCU-POUR technology suite available for volumetric concrete mixer users. AP Office and AP Mobile are an all-new cloud-based productivity solution that provides users a complete view of their concrete business operations. The ACCU-POUR technology suite is designed to make an impact on operations of all sizes, giving users more control over their business than ever before. For more information on ACCU-POUR and the entire line of Cemen Tech’s volumetric concrete production solutions, visit or


Charter Software’s  ASPEN  Business Management Software is the only business management software that enables effortless growth  by  anticipating  and adapting  to meet your dealership’s  needs and  providing the actionable data insights you need to understand what drives your business. ASPEN is an affordable, scalable Windows-based system designed to increase ag and construction dealers’ communication and profitability across all departments. Manage your business better with advanced reporting and data analytics tools.  ASPEN’s mobile application allows dealers  who do rental to track units and technician time in the field, to maintain accurate inventory counts, and to get access to customer data from a smartphone or tablet. Charter Software understands your business and works closely with leading industry suppliers to provide dealers with OEM-approved integrations to help streamline ordering, reduce errors and minimize duplication of effort. Let’s move into the future together. Call 303-932-6875 or email us at


Having a website for your dealership used to be a competitive edge. Now it’s an absolute necessity. Staying a step ahead of your competition and in front of your customer requires a strategic marketing approach to generate more customer connections and, ultimately, potential for more revenue. Commercial Web Services is a leading digital marketing provider catering exclusively to the equipment industry. CWS delivers the industry’s most sought-after services for online marketing (including website hosting and design), search engine services, social media management, inventory exposure and more, to get you in front of the right buyers. Your success is our success, and we strive to make you successful! For more information about Commercial Web Services, please visit


DIS’ core products include dealership management systems such as Quantum, Solutions, Ultimate, Minitrac and QuipWare. DIS also offers a number of add-on products, including hosted cloud-based systems, web-based management tools and mobile apps for dealership employees.


EMPHASYS Technologies is the leading supplier of enterprise dealer management software for equipment dealers and rental companies. Our modern, end-to-end platform is available on any device, browser or database, empowering you with a unified, real-time view of your data – wherever you are. The e-Emphasys Dealer Management Platform incorporates a full suite of best-in-class technology including Business Intelligence and Reporting, CRM, Mobile Field Service Applications, Inspection Applications, eCommerce Customer Portals, RFID, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Telematics. e-Emphasys has worked exclusively with equipment dealers for nearly 20 years and has developed a repository of over 400 best business practices learned from working side by side with some of the world’s leading dealerships. With customers in nearly 20 countries, e-Emphasys has a proven track record of customer success and return on investment across the globe. Improve operational efficiency, increase profitability, and future-proof your dealership with the e-Emphasys Dealer Management Platform.


With over 50 years in the consultative data industry, EquipmentWatch provides an 
array of business solutions powered by unique-in-market data and APIs. Its equipment 
valuation software is known across the industry as one of the most trusted sources for heavy equipment valuations. The FMV, OLV, and FLV of a specific asset or of your entire fleet are a click away with EquipmentWatch’s software. These valuations take into consideration age, condition, location, and utilization to maintain accuracy. Over 200 institutions use EquipmentWatch, which is ideal for insurance actual cash value (ACV) requirements, joint venture splits, finance/portfolio audits, and company valuations. With over 28 million records, EquipmentWatch’s database 


SMARTEQUIP is a global software provider that facilitates parts procurement and the delivery of OEM and dealer product support information to owners of multiple brands of equipment. With over 350 suppliers on the SmartEquip network, the vision of the company is to provide an e-commerce marketplace that improves repair and maintenance efficiency for the fleet while protecting and increasing the OEM’s and the dealer’s aftermarket business. The software connects OEMs and dealers directly to their customers by embedding a “storefront” in the fleet owner’s repair and maintenance workflow. SmartEquip’s products are designed to capture equipment in the secondary and tertiary markets and reconnect them to their dealers. You may be asking why SmartEquip has such an OEM- and dealer-centric philosophy. The reason is that before the management team acquired and managed SmartEquip, they were dealers too.


Providing near real-time visibility into industry-specific KPIs, TARGIT helps equipment dealers decrease costs and increase efficiency and profitability. We’re the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite, the enterprise business intelligence and analytics solution for all business users. With an emphasis on people, our mission is to transform entire organizations by revealing actionable insights that allow every user to make better and faster decisions. The unique combination of our patented 
technology, proven methodology, and dedicated employees and partners enables us to help organizations around the world perform at their best. TARGIT gives companies the courage to act. TARGIT Decision Suite for heavy equipment dealers delivers full insight into every aspect of your dealership. Get real-time access to KPIs like gross profit margins, utilization rates, and maintenance-to-income ratios all in one easy-to-use solution that’s accessible to everyone in the organization. Learn more at


Are your toolrooms leaking profits? Troubled by high replacement costs for missing items, lost time and poor employee productivity at your sites? Look to ToolHub, a solution to help manage and track tool inventory, save time and significantly boost your bottom line. Developed for industries where tools matter, ToolHub enables companies to manage assets across multiple locations, such as toolrooms, mechanic bays, and even service vehicles. And because ToolHub is a web-based application, you can manage all data affiliated with your assets from anywhere there’s an internet connection, including tablets for those out in the field. Locate tools quickly, check in and out using barcode or RFID technology, and manage transfers between locations. Avoid safety issues by enforcing maintenance schedules, and use ToolHub analytics to optimize inventory levels, make informed asset purchases and minimize loss. Learn more about how ToolHub gets your tools working harder for you at


TRIMBLE Field Service Management (FSM) provides cloud and mobile solutions to help equipment dealers connect, monitor, analyze, and optimize their business. Trimble PULSE™ connects the mobile workforce through telematics and empowers asset and operations managers to work connected with real-time location, utilization, and health data from their entire fleet. Service organizations can better manage their back-office operations, schedule and dispatch their jobs, and mobilize their field technicians. Trimble PULSE™ is a highly scalable and extensible platform that allows for large amounts of data to be analyzed and transformed into insights and actions that drive business operations. To see how Trimble PULSE™ can improve your business, download our Pon Cat case study. 


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