March 2019

Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

View the latest technology trends that AED member companies have to offer that help to improve, enhance or streamline an equipment distributor’s bottom line.


Peter Gregory
Lessons Learned For Distributors
Marcia Doyle
but tempered by workforce, infrastructure funding needs
Greg Heckart
helps us make connections, strengthen our existing relationships, gain valuable insights that we can use to generate content
Becky Schultz
Equipment dealers must plan today for the disruptive shifts in technology to come.
Becky Schultz
Dealers can use data to meet customer needs and deliver added value.
Get the inside scoop on some of the biggest tech trends for 2019
Shana Bosely
The study details the impact of automated vehicles (AVs) on the business models of AED’s members and their customers.
Kris Jensen Van-Heste
Winter in Minnesota is unforgiving. During the fury of it, snow squalls swallow roadways before your eyes
Last spring, General Equipment & Supplies Inc., based in Fargo, North Dakota, began using The AED Foundation’s new Certified Technician Program
Megan Mattingly-Arthur
Road Machinery Longtime technician says investing in tooling and education makes the job easier
Heidi Bitsoli
Building up recruits, Stephenson Equipment Inc. does its part to develop industry training programs
Rob Leforte
The 2017 federal budget was about jobs, innovation and the middle class.
Michael Dexter
Workforce events held recently in Iowa and Ontario are further proof of the value of networking to AED members
Brian P. McGuuire
The industry’s premier public policy event is right around the corner, and we want to make sure you’re there!
Michael Brennan
Over the years, I and many members of my team have taken advantage of AED’s conferences