Stay Up to Date with AED’s Newest Platforms

We want to make sure you stay on top of everything that AED and our members have going on, which can sometimes get overwhelming! While we continue to push out information via email, social media, CED, and much more, we also want to make sure you are aware of our newer platforms with exclusive and easy-to-access information about the Association.

You may be reading this article in print, but it is also possible you’re reading it online. is the one place where you can find previous issues and articles, dating back to 2017. This platform gives you the option to read the magazine online if you prefer it that way, or if you misplaced an issue, got rid of a magazine that you now want to refer to, or want to browse through previous issues to find tools and advice on any industry topic.
USE_ McGuire tumbnail provides exclusive information that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Our featured member news section is consistently updated so you can find out what is happening with members throughout the industry. You can also find out which articles and topics are trending with your peers in the trending section of the website. We hope you will make your one-stop shop for member and industry news, and that you will continue to find it a valuable tool.

Another way to keep updated on the Association is through the AED360 mobile app. To meet your needs, AED has built a mobile app that includes the following features:

• Search: Browse through the various industry resources available with your AED membership, such as the AED bookstore, self-study courses, news articles, CED Magazine issues, technician certification information, and a list of upcoming events.

• Register for events: Find a chronological list of upcoming events and register your team for the conferences or seminars that meet your needs.

• Connect: AED360 users that are logged in can automatically connect with other logged-in users and have the opportunity to communicate through a real-time chat function.

• Update your profile: Has your contact information been updated? Do you need to add or update a co-worker’s profile? AED360 allows you to review and make necessary changes to your records from the palm of your hand!

You can download the AED360 app today by searching for “AED360” in the App Store or Google Play.
We hope you find these tools to be a beneficial part of your AED membership. Keep an eye out for more platforms and tools to meet your needs, coming soon!

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