Exciting Updates for the 2020 Summit

Within the past few weeks, AED has achieved some impressive goals for the 2020 Summit, and we are eager to share these updates with you.

The CONDEX floor for the 2020 Summit at the Hyatt Regency Chicago has been filled and we are pleased to welcome over 120 companies to the floor this year. These manufacturers and service providers are excited to share their products and services with you in Chicago.

I’m sure that you, as dealers, are constantly inundated with offers from current or potential clients and providers throughout the year. During your time at Summit in Chicago, you can meet with everyone in one location, in just one trip! Meet on common ground with your current business providers and learn more about potential providers.

For a preview of who will be exhibiting this year, look no further than this issue of CED Magazine! As you browse through pages, you will find CONDEX Exhibitor Showcase features that include an alphabetical list of all the exhibitors, each with their booth number and a quick synopsis of their company and the products they provide. This showcase will help you begin your planning process to scope out who will be in attendance and who you want to see and visit. For a full schedule of events and everything else you need to know about the Summit, visit

Another tool that will be incredibly useful for planning your time at Summit is the AED Summit mobile app, sponsored by e-emphasys. This app contains a full list of exhibitors, as well as suite holders and attendees, and is updated as we get closer to the event. A schedule of events, including all the education sessions and speakers, is included in the app.

The app enables you to “favorite” sessions or events and add them to your schedule. It is the most effective way to keep an easily accessible agenda in the palm of your hand. To download the mobile app today, search the “2020 AED Summit” in the App Store or Google Play.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the 2020 Summit in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency Chicago from Tuesday, January 14, to Friday, January 17! Visit for information and to register. Remember, the more members of your company you bring to Summit, the more you will save on each registration!
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