December 2019

Exclusive First Look — 2020 CONDEX Exhibitors

The CONDEX floor for the 2020 Summit at the Hyatt Regency Chicago has been filled and we are pleased to welcome over 120 companies to the floor this year. These manufacturers and service providers are excited to share their products and services with you in Chicago.


2020 CONDEX Exhibitors
Eric Stiles
Sentry Insurance is an AED Preferred Provider
Parker Kilgore and Henry S. Rauschenberger
Taking advantage of today’s relatively low unemployment rates, employees have begun to “job-hop” – move from one lucrative opportunity to the next – with increasing frequency.
Kris Jensen-Van Heste
Where do you turn when you’re owed money?
Kris Jensen-Van Heste
Iron Solutions Inc. is a can-do, get-it-done company headquartered in Franklin just outside Nashville, Tennessee.
Rob LeForte
At its conclusion, the evening of October 21, party leaders Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh all claimed part of the victory, while most would agree that all three lost.
Phil Riggs
As a professional in the equipment industry, your involvement at Summit can play a significant role in your success for the coming year – especially during a CONEXPO year.
Brian P. McGuire
Within the past few weeks, AED has achieved some impressive goals for the 2020 Summit, and we are eager to share these updates with you.