Do You Know About The AED Foundation's Best Kept Secrets?

The AED Foundation has many tools that can be beneficial for your company, and there are a few that are little known but that pack a huge punch for your organization. We want to make sure you are making the most out of your membership and everything we have to offer, including these unique tools and opportunities.

The AED Foundation’s Certified Technician Program is the first of its kind for the construction equipment industry. The program offers dealers the opportunity to measure the expertise of their technicians, as well as market that knowledge to their customers. Technicians become certified after successfully passing The AED Foundation technical assessment. We know that well-qualified and committed technicians add profitability and customer satisfaction to your dealership. 
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Your company will benefit from certifying your technicians by benchmarking them against others in the industry, focusing on their continuous improvement, demonstrating that you value their contributions to the organization, and saving you time and money by helping you avoid hiring technicians that do not meet your and your customers’ standards.


The AED Foundation’s technical assessment is frequently used by AED members as a pre-hire tool or a technician evaluation tool. This assessment, which is aligned with industry standards, provides a quantitative benchmark of your technician’s knowledge in multiple subject areas. Benchmarking reports are given at the completion of the assessment to show areas of strength, weakness, improvement and more.


You can bring The AED Foundation’s operational, financial and management educational programs straight to your organization! The Foundation wants you to be able to take advantage of the educational offerings it provides in a format that fits and benefits you, your company and your colleagues. Bringing these programs to your company will allow you to 

• Customize content that will help with your company’s specific challenges and objectives.

• Have a hands-on expert with practical experience lead your team through discussions, group exercises, best practices and more.

• Experience more employee buy-in. Since the content is focused specifically on your business, employees will be more involved, are more likely to apply what they learn, and will develop more consistent practices in your departments.

• Save both time and money by bypassing the expenses and travel time associated with attending off-site seminars.

If you would like to find out more about the Certified Technician Program or technical assessments, visit The AED Foundation’s website at If you are interested in learning more about an on-site solution to improve your business, please reach out to The AED Foundation’s Vice President of Business Development, Cory Hayes, at chayes@ or 630-524-3138, or call your regional manager. With these tools and opportunities, building up your team is easier than ever before!

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