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Associated Equipment Distributors led the charge in Washington, D.C., for the passage of the Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, commonly known as Perkins V, which was signed into law last year and officially took effect on July 1. Perkins is a federal education program that invests in secondary and postsecondary career and technical education (CTE) programs in all 50 states. Perkins V will modernize CTE programs to address the skills gap and educate students for in-demand careers.
Perkins V requires states to work closely with all stakeholders, including industry, to develop and submit detailed plans on how they intend to distribute the $1.3 billion of Department of Education funding that’s divided between states for CTE programs. Each state must submit local needs assessments and engage the local business community throughout the process that will culminate in submitting a comprehensive Perkins V plan to the U.S. Department of Education next spring.

“It’s important that AED members begin the engagement process as soon as possible in their respective states to ensure CTE resources are focused on heavy equipment dealer technician training programs,” said Jason Blake, executive vice president and COO of The AED Foundation. “Our goal is for AED members to be actively engaged with state CTE directors in all 50 states on this process and to continue raising awareness about opportunities to address the challenges facing the heavy equipment industry.”

The AED Foundation held a luncheon during AED’s Washington Fly-In in June, where attendees heard from Scott Stump, Assistant Secretary for Career, Technical, and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education and the event’s keynote speaker, about the importance of industry engagement during the Perkins V stakeholder engagement process.

“Assistant Secretary Stump and his staff reinforced the critical need for industry to be at the table in every state during this process,” said Daniel Fisher, vice president of government affairs for AED. 
“During the Perkins V state plan process, there are several opportunities for AED members to be actively engaged, from submitting public comments to attending stakeholder meetings, to ensure the collective voice of the heavy equipment industry is heard.”

The AED Foundation also plans to encourage the involvement of its network of colleges and high schools with accredited and recognized construction equipment technology programs in the Perkins V stakeholder engagement process. 

AED Foundation accreditation for college diesel-equipment technology programs is very rigorous; schools typically cannot achieve it without industry support. The AED Foundation’s template for accreditation is a “community-based, school-to-work” plan, where local dealers, colleges and industry stakeholders work together as a task force to meet mutual needs. The AED Foundation has 51 Accredited and Recognized college and high school programs at 40 schools. 

Below you will find a simple five-step process for contacting your state CTE director to get information on how to participate in development of their state plan. The next four years of each state’s CTE funding priorities will be memorialized in its plan. Consequently, it’s vital that AED members engage immediately in the process by following the steps listed below:

Go to where you’ll see a drop-down box marked “Select a State/Territory.” Select your state.

Under the “State Profile” there will an option allowing the selection of “CTE Contacts.” Click “CTE Contacts.” The name and email address of the state CTE director will appear. 
Contact Marty McCormack at The AED Foundation (630-642-9108 or for a copy of the template email/letter to send to your state CTE director. Insert the name of the CTE director (e.g., Dear Mr. Johnson) and his/her email into the address field. Complete the highlighted fields with pertinent state and company information. Before sending, ensure all the information is correct and no highlights or brackets remain. Feel free to personalize or edit the email/letter as you’d like. The draft email/letter is only a guide.

If you don’t hear from the state CTE office after one week, follow up with a phone call. Please keep Marty McCormack with The AED Foundation apprised of responses you receive from your state CTE office by emailing him at
Plan to attend any stakeholder meetings or other events related to your state’s state plan development. It’s recommended that before attending you familiarize yourself with the process by visiting and watching the videos, which detail the Perkins V requirements and the information states are seeking from stakeholders. This will allow you to be an educated and effective participant in the process.

If you have questions about Perkins V or how you or someone at your company can get involved in your state’s stakeholder engagement process, 
please call Marty McCormack at 630-642-9108
 or email him at 

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