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Journey to the Top: RMT Equipment president and his father built their company from the ground up

The Lefebvre family has an extensive history in the heavy equipment industry. Robert Lefebvre – who once served as a vice president for hydraulic breaker manufacturer Tramac – and his son, Marc, have long shared a passion for both heavy equipment and dealer development. In 1998, the father-and-son duo established RMT Equipment Inc. in Canada and began selling weighing systems for truck loaders, with Marc at the helm of the company as president. RMT Equipment also offers backup camera systems.

In the beginning, when RMT Equipment was just a two-man operation, Marc Lefebvre juggled a number of roles, from salesperson to bookkeeper to installation expert. “When you start a company and there are just two of you, you cover everything in the beginning,” he said. “You do accounting, sales, phone calls and installations. I used to go out on the road, selling and installing the loader scale in our province.”
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After the products from the company’s main supplier – Italian loader scales manufacturer, VEI Payload Management Systems – became popular locally, VEI tapped RMT Equipment to develop dealer networks in both Canada and the United States, as well as serve as its head office in North America. This allowed RMT Equipment to hire more employees and technicians, freeing up Marc to spend more time focusing on dealer development.
“After all these years, our four oldest dealers in both countries are still doing business with us,” he said. “I’m very proud of their loyalty.”
RMT Equipment recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. While Bob Lefebvre retired five years ago after a long and successful career in the heavy equipment industry, Marc is still running the company – though now that it’s grown to nearly 20 people, his duties in his role as president have changed a bit.
“Today the company is larger and my role is like that of a coach or the captain of a team,” said Lefebvre.
“I make sure our vision is promoted to the employees, but I’m also inspired by them to make RMT the best partner for weighing and vision solutions for heavy equipment customers.”
The company seems well on its way to achieving that goal, thanks to its service- and support-driven philosophy. “We are 100 percent service and support driven,” Lefebvre said. “A lot of companies would say this, but we don’t just say it, we really, really like people.”
RMT Equipment also boasts an advanced line of products and productivity solutions, as well as innovative development and manufacturing capabilities.
“We’re now developing some new products, like the TrackWeight weighing system, which consists of an on-board truck scale for highway trucks,” Lefebvre said. “This is a product that we engineered, developed and manufactured. Being both a distributor and a manufacturer gives us a very different approach when we visit customers – yes, we have products to offer, but we also have the ability to design and maybe make something different based on customer demand.”
When he’s not carrying out his duties as president of RMT Equipment, Lefebvre loves spending time with his wife, 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. He also enjoys fishing, traveling and playing hockey.
Having spent more than two decades in the heavy equipment industry, Lefebvre said the thing he likes most about his job is talking and spending time with customers and operators. To those who may be considering working their way to the top of the heavy equipment distribution or manufacturing industries, Lefebvre had this advice: “Work hard and be honest, but also be innovative in the way you serve customers. Technology is great, but people are people, and if you have the customer touch, you are definitely ahead of the game.”

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