New Opportunities Abound for AED Members This Fall and Winter

As your chairwoman, I have the unique opportunity of having a hand in two different situations at once. I know what is happening from a dealership and industry perspective through my company, and I also get to work with AED as its chairwoman to create opportunities to move the industry and each of your businesses forward. Coming from both of these perspectives, I get to share ideas with AED about opportunities that I believe will be useful for its members in the future. This year, The AED Foundation will be launching a new seminar that I got to help create firsthand, the Supervisory Skills Seminar.

This one-day seminar, taking place on December 6 in Rosemont, Illinois, at the Chicago Marriott Suites O’Hare, is for new supervisors, or supervisors who need to recharge their skills and be introduced to strategic management concepts of people analytics and workforce planning. This event is a high-level overview of compliance-related risks associated with workplace management.

During their time in Rosemont, participants will learn fundamental techniques of employee recruitment, retention and performance management. The seminar will culminate with a primer on workplace analytics, introducing supervisors to the nuts and bolts of determining outcomes, measuring intangible expectations, and extrapolating results into the performance management system of employees; they will thus gain the ability to analyze results to better address and provide information to their superiors regarding workplace concerns.

The content of this seminar will include the following:
1. Responsibilities and expectations of a supervisor

2. Internal and external risks to the workplace, including federal regulations, discrimination, harassment, occupational health and safety, and professional ethics

3. Recruitment, retention, interviewing, performance management, recognition, professional development and corrective actions

4.  Introduction to workforce analytics, measuring tangible and intangible results and analyzing the data

The seminar will be led by AED’s new HR Hotline contact, John Acardo. John is known as an architect of high-performing teams in organizations large and small. He is an MBA executive with over 10 years of results-oriented achievements in providing strategic vision and effective solutions. He can quickly analyze and help teams integrate into the organizational culture. John has experience working with organizations at various stages of growth, from the initial formation of the Human Resources function to managing substantial change and assisting mature organizations in creating a turnaround culture to remain relevant and competitive.

I am thrilled that this seminar will be running this year, and I hope you are as well. For more information or to register, visit

AED and I would love to hear your feedback on the programs that you would find beneficial for your team and your company. The AED Foundation has also added a brand-new Sales Management Seminar to the fall roster. Please reach out to AED with your thoughts on any member benefits that you would find helpful.

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