AED Business Services Program Gives Members Complimentary and Discounted Access to Essential HR Services

Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) has selected human resources professional John Acardo, principal and founder of BlueCornHR, to provide support for the association’s new members business services program. Launched earlier this fall, the program gives members access to HR services that can help equipment dealerships grow their businesses and develop their employees.
While Acardo is relatively new to the AED team, he brings with him more than 15 years of experience in the management and HR field, and is committed to helping organizations and businesses solve the complex challenges that prevent them from performing at their optimum capacity.
“Throughout my life, I’ve been inspired by service and helping others achieve their full potential,” he said. “After getting my feet wet and getting my first taste of HR management, I was really drawn to the complex, daily challenges HR is asked to solve. That quickly transitioned to the realization of my passion to help organizations and people excel at what they do best, whether that’s helping organizations grow their businesses or helping individuals advance their careers and professional aspirations.”
HR professionals are tasked with a number of important functions, including constructing compensation programs for organizations and benefit packages for employees, assisting with employee and personnel management, and serving as risk managers and sounding boards for new ideas.
“HR plays a role in evaluating the risks of decisions and helping leaders make the best decisions they can by evaluating ideas and proposals from all aspects,” Acardo said. “I often describe an HR professional’s function as that of a risk manager – we evaluate risks and talk executives or individuals who are in charge of the business through decisions they’re considering making.”
It’s a big job with wide-ranging duties, but Acardo loves what he does – and especially enjoys seeing clients achieve the recognition and success they deserve.
“The best part of my job is helping organizations create high-impact teams, but I would have to say that the most rewarding part of the job is seeing the recognition of the people and individuals within the organizations once they’ve gotten the confidence to tackle exciting, new and challenging opportunities,” he said.

Thanks to the new and improved business services program, AED members can now benefit from Acardo’s HR expertise. Acardo will provide support for the AED HR hotline, and members can call the hotline, start an online chat or schedule a one-on-one consultation to discuss a wide variety of HR-related issues. Most importantly, the hotline offers more than just cookie cutter answers to complicated HR challenges. Members can take advantage of Acardo’s extensive knowledge and receive advice that’s tailored to their unique situation.
“AED members can expect more than just a quick questions and answers service,” he said. “It’s an opportunity for individual employers to call if they need sample documents, commonly used forms or someone to bounce their ideas off of or discuss in-depth projects. I can also suggest best practices in certain areas, and clarify difficult compliance or employment-related challenges.”
AED members can also access negotiated discounted rates on additional HR services Acardo offers, such as updating policy handbooks, performing compliance checks, assisting with employee training and professional development opportunities, conducting workplace investigations and mediating workplace disputes. Acardo can also help businesses implement other HR strategic programs that allow them to identify and create analytics on performance, and examine ways to introduce employee or customer surveys to gauge how well the organization is responding to concerns.
When he’s not working to help organizations, businesses and employees solve challenges to become even more successful, Acardo’s three children – ages 3, 6 and 17 months – keep him busy at home. He is also an avid distance runner.
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