BERGMANN is Coming to America!

The German manufacturer, which specializes in compact articulated dump trucks (ADT Series) and crawler dump trucks (CDT Series), expects to be operational in the U.S. by 2019. Bergmann machines are powered by the latest Cummins Tier 4 Final Diesel engines and have payloads between 4.5 and 28 short tons.

The family-owned company has been analyzing and planning the market entry since owning managing director Hans-Herrmann Bergmann visited the CONEXPO fair in Las Vegas in 2017. 

“We are looking into different distribution concepts,” said Bernd Kirschner, who is in charge of sales management exports at BERGMANN. “It is not fixed yet whether we go with one main importer, a master importer, who then supplies to other dealers; or if we manage several dealers ourselves directly. It really depends on the contacts and opportunities we get in the next weeks and months.”
“For BERGMANN, the key motivation is to start long-term partnerships with companies who share our company values, believe in technical innovation and represent well-working service infrastructure,” Kirschner added. 

In business since 1961, BERGMANN built its first dumper the following year. Today, it employs 250 people and is well established across Europe and also Australia. All of its dumpers are still designed and built in Meppen, Germany.
“We are completely focused on this product, so we would consider ourselves dump truck specialists,” Hans-Hermann Bergmann said. “We don’t have excavators or wheel loaders in our portfolio. For BERGMANN, the compact dumper is not a side product. For us, it is the product.”

Besides product quality, BERGMANN considers service as most important for sustainable success. “You can operate the best machine in the world, but there will be a day when the machine needs maintenance or a repair. That will happen. Quick response times, skilled and well-trained staff, and spare part availability are crucial in this situation. Therefore, it is crucial for us to cooperate with partners who feel and act in the same way.” BERGMANN’s experience and expertise will be transferred to its partners through comprehensive training schedules. “It is necessary for partners to come to Germany and spend around a week in our facilities to learn the machines inside out.”

Like other family-owned operations, BERGMANN has been cautious with its growth. Although the desire to expand into the U.S. marketplace, and ultimately into the rest of North and South America, has long been on its agenda, the decision to make the move was not made in haste.
“We have analyzed the market environment,” said Kirschner, who will be representing BERGMANN at the 2019 AED Summit in Orlando February 4-7, “and our research has confirmed that we can be very competitive with our machines. The technical concepts of the BERGMANN ADT and CDT Series are different and lead to safer, more effective and efficient solutions on-site. The CDT 120, for example, is designed with a 180° swivel skip in combination with a 180° swivel seat. This concept does not need a rotating machine frame. By rotating the seat and moving the skip, you get the same flexibility on-site, but the empty weight of the crawler dump truck is significantly lighter and the maximum speed is higher. The customer’s benefits are lower operating cost and shorter working circles. It also provides the operator with a direct and unobstructed view of the unloading area, a decisive benefit for H&S standards on-site.”   

“Our concept is different and we believe it is unique, so we believe it will attract a lot of attention (from customers).”

To start with, BERGMANN plans to bring its ADT 150 and CDT 120 dumpers to the U.S. Both machines are also available as carrier vehicles with numerous applications like cranes, flatbeds, welding units, water tanks, lean spreader etc.

The Articulated Dump Truck, ADT 150, is available with three different skip types designed to carry a maximum load volume of up to 8m³ and 13.227 short tons of payload. Customers can choose from swivel tip, rear tip or three-way tipper. 
BERGMANN’s Crawler Dump Truck, CDT 120, can carry up to 11.023 short tons and comes with either a rear- or swivel-tip dumper. 

“We have a big design and engineering department in-house, and we want to find the best answers for customer- or site-specific problems,” Kirschner said. “Our company size and organization allow us to combine the best of serial productions with individual, uniquely developed solutions. With every project we add another option to the BERGMANN ‘tool box.’ Of course, you can order our machines with cranes, snow shields, power lifts, lean spreaders, welding applications…”

Even a joint development of a new machine is possible for BERGMANN customers. One result of such a project is, for example, the BERGMANN tunnel line.While most heavy equipment manufacturers currently sell larger-capacity dump trucks in America, BERGMANN is counting on its smaller load capacity to appeal to a certain segment of the U.S. market. 

“We believe we are coming to a market where we can be competitive on the one side and where we are complementary to other brands’ portfolios on the other side. Dealers always look for opportunities to grow their business, but often the sales areas are restricted. So, an attractive alternative is to extend the product range instead,” Hans-Hermann Bergmann explained. “We believe that our portfolio, including the crawler dumper and the compact but powerful ADT 150 machine, helps the dealer to provide ‘single source solutions.’ Every company has to understand its own strength and resulting opportunities, and we position BERGMANN next to the very big players in the dumper business.” •


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