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Hospitality Suites
Create a comfortable environment to enhance your one-on-one meeting time with dealers. An AED hospitality suite provides you with a private setting for entertaining business partners and prospects, as well as conducting confidential business meetings. Suites are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dealer Meetings
Start your year off at AED Summit with a private event with your dealers and customers. AED Summit is the ideal place to recognize top performers of 2018, share goals for 2019 and prepare for a successful year ahead. Get creative – AED will help with every step! Plan a breakfast, lunch, dinner or other private event with your entire dealer network.

Are you thinking about booking a suite? Hear what OEM’s had to say about last year’s suites below!
The convenience of having so many OEMs and dealers in one place, under one roof, was appreciated by one of last year’s attendees, Jay D. Shafer of Shafer Equipment Company, who commented, 
“I had scheduled 14 meetings in two days. If I had to fly all over the U.S. to have these meetings, it would be cost and time prohibitive.” 

We hear you, Jay. Hosting a dealer meeting and/or having a suite can save a company time and money.
Jay’s comments got us wondering what other prior hosts of dealer meetings and hospitality suites had to say about their experiences. The overwhelming majority of the feedback from these forward-thinking dealers and manufacturers was positive.

LiuGong Construction Machinery held a hospitality suite last year and plans to do so again this February. A representative from LiuGong commented, “We identified several new business opportunities during this year’s Summit, but these meetings also give us an ideal opportunity to improve our relationships with existing dealers.” Getting face-to-face time with their existing customers allows OEMs and dealers to optimize relationships and home in on customer needs.

Many prior suite hosts encourage other OEMs to host suites at Summit. LiuGong Construction Machinery representatives commented, “We would certainly recommend that OEMs host a suite at the Summit. This gives the manufacturer a golden opportunity to meet with a large number of dealers over a short period of time, rather than having to spend several weeks traveling all over the country to have those meetings. During these meetings, we can concentrate all our attention on understanding dealers’ concerns and on finding ways to help our dealers improve their businesses. Obviously, if their business is benefited, the OEM benefits as well.”

Integrated business operation is a trend to keep an eye on right now. Living in the information age, it is crucial for OEMs and dealers to share information and focus on what is good for the end user. Summit allows the industry to come together to provide optimized solutions to those end users. Steve Wilson, director of product support for BOMAG Fayat Group, commented on the proactive collaboration that happens at Summit, stating, “The greatest value is having the opportunity to schedule and meet with many of our current distributors for focused discussions relating to our and their performance.”

Wilson pointed out, “BOMAG, as an OEM, has hosted a hospitality suite at AED for well over 20 years. It is an excellent opportunity to meet with our distribution and potential new distributor prospects, as well as attend industry-specific informational sessions and seminars. AED Summit affords the opportunity to meet with ‘old’ friends and meet new ones, discuss issues with our peer group as well as our distributors. It is a well-organized and structured venue that brings very positive return for the time and investment in attending.” Look for BOMAG’s hospitality suite at the 2019 Summit event.

Many of the comments regarding last year’s event revolved around the high attendance of dealers, OEMs, and CONDEX exhibitors. Many see attendance as an indicator of the general attitude of dealers about the upcoming year. Take the 2018 Summit, for example: Several in attendance – both dealers and manufacturers – said that 2018 sales were starting off strong. And Summit attendance was up, as were first-time CONDEX exhibitors. There were 55 suite participants and over 200 distributor attendees. But the flip side of this coin is also true: Some of the more seasoned Summit attendees remember the Great Recession years when dealers could only afford to send one or two representatives.

Glynn General Corporation also hosted a hospitality suite last year. President and CEO Jock Cockroft commented, “It was awesome, and we have a suite reserved for 2019… We seem to always have someone new find their way to our suite to discuss utilizing our programs. A great venue to solicit new customers.” Cockroft echoed the sentiment shared by the other OEMs and dealers about Summit, noting that it’s “economically smart to gather contacts in one setting.” He added, “It is just a great opportunity when you have key personnel gathered in one place to discuss current business or potential new business with a customer.”

1. Visit to download the hospitality suite application
2. Review the suite overview at

All suite reservations must be guaranteed by one night’s room and tax, which will be charged at the time the reservation is made. Room cancellation policy is 3 days (72 hours) in advance for the one night’s room and tax. 

Removal of furniture requires an additional charge of $250 (includes storage) paid to the hotel. 

• Summit app suite listing with ability for suite holder to edit profile, upload documents, schedule meeting times
• Suite door sign with company logo
• Electronic mailing list of registered attendees, including email addresses if authorized

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