Exhibitors Hit the Jackpot at AED Summit

It wasn’t just construction equipment dealers who were looking to win big at this year’s AED Summit and CONDEX.

This year’s trade show drew more than 130 exhibitors to the desert as well, many of whom raved about the event afterward.

“We were a first-time exhibitor, and it was a great event for us,” said Lisa Jones of Baseplan Software Group, which offers a fully integrated ERP solution for equipment dealers.

“We were very much welcomed by the AED team and the other members. We met many new faces and potential partners that I’m excited about working with in the future.”

Jones was particularly impressed by the level of technological knowledge wielded by many attendees at the Summit.

“I think in other industries and other events we attend, the participants aren’t as open to it,” she said. “But everyone was already interested in our product here and had already come to the booth with that perspective.”

This year’s event was the first Summit for CardConnect, a credit card processing company.

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“Overall it was a positive experience,” said Christina Braatz, CardConnect’s association development executive. “We need to be able to integrate with all the different software that the equipment dealers work with, so we brought two of our (integrated support specialists) to help us meet with the different software companies that were also exhibiting there. We made a lot of different connections that way. We’ve had a few warm leads come out of it, so we’re hoping to make a few more connections there.”

Cemen Tech Inc., which manufactures mobile and stationary concrete mixers, was also a first-time exhibitor at the Summit.

“Since we are setting up a domestic dealer network now, it was a great opportunity not only to meet new distributors we weren’t currently in discussions with, but also to follow up with guys I’ve been talking to on the phone over the last couple months and to finally have an opportunity to meet,” said Mark Rinehart, director of sales and marketing at the Iowa-based company.

“They gain value from all the sessions and all the speakers, but also have the opportunity to go around to the machinery to see if they’d be interested in having that line. It was a good mix for distributors as well as manufacturers to have that forum where we could have a piece of equipment there that we could talk to the dealers about.”

The 2018 AED Summit also was a chance for the company formerly known as My Dealer Service to unveil its new name and brand. Now known as Modern, the Denver-based software company offers communication solutions for equipment and automobile dealers.

“It was very important to have a platform where we could reach many touchpoints with many existing and potential new customers to advertise the new brand,” said Modern CEO and founder Jon Rossi. “AED does a great job with the event, and it is why we chose to be an exhibitor for a second time. It made it possible for us to reach our customers.”

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