New AED Self-Study Sales Management Courses

Industry education, training and career development are key parts of Associated Equipment Distributors’ mission to help members enhance their success, performance and profitability. Responding to the needs of its members, AED recently introduced two new online self-study sales management courses developed by author and award-winning motivational keynote speaker Todd Cohen.

“In writing these courses, I tried very hard to bring a perspective that people are really hungry for,” Cohen said. “This isn’t ‘sales training’ in the traditional sense; people can get that anywhere. These courses are about creating a ‘sales culture’ and getting everyone in a dealership on the same 
page so that they don’t miss out on opportunities to be even more successful.”

The first new course – Sales Leadership 101: Sales Management Skills – is designed to help sales leaders master essential skills, improve sales team productivity and create an inspiring mindset that encourages positive behaviors and long-term revenue and profitability.

The second course – Sales Leadership 102: Coaching Not Telling – approaches coaching as a selling skill, frames every conversation as a coaching moment, and gives sales leaders and other people-managers the skills they need to be effective team coaches.

The new Sales Leadership courses can be taken separately, together or as part of the new Sales Manager Certification program which includes AED certification.

“These are high-value, high-impact courses that work together to elevate how sales leaders develop their people, which is very, very important,” Cohen said. “Sales leadership is all about the people, the people, the people – not doing the job that the people are supposed to be doing. It’s not a sales leader’s job to do the job of the salespeople; it’s to help them be better at being salespeople – and these courses can help them do that.”

And, according to Cohen, the courses aren’t just for sales leadership. He says anyone and everyone at the dealership can benefit from gaining an awareness of how the mindset and behaviors they bring to the sales process – as well as the mindset about what sales is and isn’t – has a huge impact on a dealership’s success.

“I’m passionate about showing people who don’t traditionally think of themselves in a sales role how they actually sell every day,” said Cohen. “My whole thing is that everyone’s in sales because everyone in the dealership impacts a customer’s decision to say ‘yes’ and put ink to paper – whether it’s by answering a customer’s questions or getting paperwork done sooner than expected, everyone at the dealership impacts sales. A lot of people have said, ‘You know, Todd, this is really more about life lessons and how we conduct ourselves, rather than just sales.’ I say, ‘Now you get it.’”

Also, the online courses’ self-study format allows sales leaders and other dealership employees to work at their own pace, which is ideal for those whose busy schedules make it difficult for them to attend scheduled professional self-development courses.

“People are so busy these days,” Cohen said. “We’re all being pulled in a thousand different directions, which can make it hard for people to prioritize going to self-development and training courses. As difficult as it can be to make time for self-development, it’s very, very important. New customers and clients are not a given – we have to make sure that we’re doing things that attract and retain them. Just because you exist doesn’t mean that customers will come. We have to self-develop and really keep striving to be better at what we do so that we can continue to be successful.”

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