Introducing The AED Foundation Road Show

The AED Foundation has recently undergone rebranding. To publicize this new rebranding, the Foundation is hitting the road to visit all of their accredited colleges and present them with new materials, including branded banners and signage with the new Foundation logo. The Foundation will also be discussing their upcoming endeavors with tomorrow’s workforce to promote collaboration. The AED Foundation Road Show will be a networking opportunity for our dealer members to interact with current students and present them with the benefits of dealership employment.  

The AED Foundation is dedicated to the success of its member companies and contributes to their efforts with its various educational and training opportunities. It is no secret that the heavy equipment industry suffers from a skilled labor shortage and an aging workforce. But the Foundation is taking proactive measures to combat these challenges.

It is estimated that the manufacturing sector is losing $180 billion in revenue annually due to this dual threat. The AED Foundation’s three key areas of focus are aimed at cultivating an abundant and stable supply of trained employees for the heavy equipment industry. The areas of focus include accreditation, career promotion, and research.

Marty McCormack, associate director of development and workforce at The AED Foundation, recently stated, “The AED Foundation is working hard to address the technician shortage that is costing the industry $2.4 billion a year in potential revenue. By working with schools, industry, and government, The AED Foundation is creating a pipeline of qualified diesel technicians that will meet a critical need for the industry now and in the future.”

Look for Marty at the upcoming Road Show; he or one of AED’s six regional managers will be attending all the events. Marty has taken the reins on the Road Show project and is excited to “showcase the good work the schools are doing to educate students on how to be successful in their future careers in the heavy construction equipment industry.”

Aside from creating networking opportunities, the Foundation is looking forward to using the Road Show as a forum to discuss its upcoming endeavors. This aspect of the Road Show is directed at getting instructors, school administration, dealer members, AED Foundation staff, and students on the same page about the direction of the industry and the future of the Foundation.

Some of the Foundation’s future endeavors include the following:
▶ The new High School Recognition Program initiative
▶ Accredit and recognize five new programs, including two new high schools, by the end of 2018 for a total of 50 AED Foundation accredited/recognized programs
▶ Accrediting 15 new schools by the year 2020·
▶ Investment of over $90,000 for each accredited school

One endeavor the Foundation will be highlighting during the Road Show is the Certified Technician Program. The program was unveiled last year and is unlike any other in the construction equipment industry. It allows dealers the chance to assess the expertise of their technicians and market that expertise to their customers. Well-qualified and dedicated technicians add high value to their dealerships by raising profitability and customer satisfaction.

To become eligible for AED Foundation Technician Certification, applicants pass a technical assessment that evaluates diesel equipment core technical knowledge that is fully aligned with the Foundation’s national technical standards. It is their hope to certify 300 technicians through this program, including all graduating students from AED Foundation-accredited colleges.

The staff at The AED Foundation is also looking forward to the upcoming Road Show. AEDF Senior Vice President Jason Blake recently commented, “The AED Foundation is excited to partner with our schools and celebrate the accreditation success. These schools that become accredited are leaders in our industry and are great examples of how industry and education can work together.”

Students are encouraged to come out to the Road Show to mingle with industry leaders and prospective employers. Oh, and did we forget to mention there will be free food and refreshments at the Road Show events? The AED Foundation is always a friend to the starving student. We look forward to seeing you on the road!

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