AED Certified Technician: Dave Schell

Dave Schell, the corporate director of parts and service for Equipment Corporation of America, has been immersed in the heavy equipment industry since he was a young boy. Schell’s introduction to the industry came from his father, an Equipment Corporation of America vice president and Maryland branch founder, who was a firm believer in Take Your Child to Work Day.

“I’ve been around heavy equipment all my life,” Schell said. “I went to Take Your Child to Work Day with my dad when I was in kindergarten and that turned into summer jobs growing up. When I first started out, I was coming in part time to help out in the shop, doing whatever needed to be done.”

After graduating from high school, Schell went to work for Equipment Corporation of America for a couple of years, but a long and grueling daily commute led him to quit in favor of a job in the automotive industry that was closer to home. But it wasn’t meant to be.

“A couple of years after I left ECA for the automotive world, I wound up right back at ECA,” he said. “The job was only supposed to be short term, but something about it just pulled me in. I came on full time in 2006 and have been pushing forward here ever since. Deciding that a career in the heavy equipment industry was right for me is something that just kind of happened.”

Despite being unplanned, a heavy equipment career has been a great fit for Schell, who has served in a wide range of positions during his time at Equipment Corporation of America, including technician, parts manager, service manager and sales.

“One of the things I like best about working in the heavy equipment industry is that there’s always something different: different challenges, different approaches,” he said. “I really like being able to help people: Customers call with off-the-wall questions about rig setups or for help troubleshooting machinery, and having answers for them or being able to find out where that ‘gremlin’ is hiding is really rewarding.”

In his current role as corporate director of parts and service, Schell helps his team manage orders, organizes trade shows and handles customer accounts.

“The best thing about my current role is that it ties me to all aspects of the industry,” he said. “I’m not limited to one department; I’m still a player in the sales and service world and I still get to have direct communication with customers. The duties of the corporate director of parts and service are so varied that it really just opens the door to everything and keeps things interesting.”

Having achieved success in the industry, Schell has this advice for young people considering a diesel technician career: “Keep pushing. There are vast opportunities in the heavy equipment industry. If you show initiative and keep pushing forward, you’ll get results. Things will happen. In our industry, you can process as far as you’re willing to push yourself – so keep pushing! It’s also important to learn from the people around you along the way. There are a lot of great people in our industry. I’ve had wonderful people around me my entire career – like my dad and Mike Brown at ECA – and the knowledge and experience I’ve gotten from them has been absolutely invaluable.”

Schell’s duties as ECA’s corporate director of parts and service keep him busy. However, when he’s not working, Schell enjoys catching up on sleep, playing golf, working on cars, completing home improvement projects, and spending quality time with his wife and children.

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