Journey To The Top: Cemen Tech

Making an effort to gain extensive product knowledge can help a good salesperson become a great one. It also helped Cemen Tech President and CEO Connor Deering make it to the top of the heavy equipment manufacturing industry’s corporate ladder.

An interest in watching things get built is what initially drew Deering to a career in heavy equipment manufacturing. His first job in the manufacturing industry was as a sales trainee, which is where his passion for product knowledge was born.

“I love to watch things being built,” Deering said. “My first job in manufacturing was as a sales trainee, where I spent a tremendous amount of time learning the product and out on the manufacturing floor building products.


I also spent a great deal of time traveling around the country conducting training demonstrations for end-user customers, which was a great way to learn about the industry and gain product knowledge.”

From there, Deering went on to hold a variety of positions in manufacturing organizaions, including working in territory and regional sales, as a national sales and marketing manager, and as a vice president/general manager who was responsible for multiple divisions.

Eager for the chance to run a stand-alone manufacturing business, Deering accepted the president and CEO position with Cemen Tech in 2014. The Indianola, Iowa-based company is the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric mixers and continuous mixing equipment. Not only does Cemen Tech operate in more than 50 countries worldwide, but it also supplies equipment to militaries in several nations.

“Cemen Tech has a proven process for new equipment purchases that sets us apart and ensures our customers are successful,” Deering said. “We have a 90-day performance guarantee on our equipment, we ship emergency parts in 24 hours or less, and we provide the absolute best after-sale support. Cemen Tech is also an employee-owned company, which means every one of our employees has a vested interest in ensuring our customers’ success!”

In his role as president and CEO of Cemen Tech, Deering works to maintain the organizational culture, outline and set strategic direction, and remove obstacles that could impair the company’s overall growth. He not only excels at the job but enjoys it as well.

“My favorite thing about my work in this industry is watching a new customer who has placed their trust in us become successful,” he said.

“Watching the order being placed, the equipment manufactured, and then working in the field creating jobs and making our customers successful is very rewarding. I also enjoy getting great people on our team and watching them do their thing – the right people in the right roles can do amazing things!”

Facing a significant workforce shortage, the heavy equipment industry is one that could definitely use more great people. To those considering pursuing a career in the industry, Deering offered this advice, which has served him well in his own career:

“Do the things you need to do to get to the next level. Early in my career I realized I wasn’t going to achieve what I wanted until I committed to start doing the things that would advance my career.”

When he’s not busy fulfilling his duties as president and CEO of Cemen Tech, Deering enjoys spending time – and traveling – with his family. He also likes to squeeze in a round or two of golf whenever he gets the chance.

“When not working, I spend time with my family,” he said. “My daughter is a competitive tennis player and my son plays AAA hockey, so a lot of time is spent watching, traveling with and supporting them.

"And, when time allows, I very much enjoy playing golf!”

For more information on Cemen Tech, visit Cemen Tech is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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