New Chairwoman Eager to Work on AED's Ambitious 2018 Agenda

With a new year comes the introduction of our new AED board members. This year, we are excited to welcome a chair who is breaking new ground for not only our association, but also for the industry. We are pleased to welcome Diane Benck as our chairwoman. She will be the first chairwoman the association has had in its 99 years of business, and we are looking forward to the work that AED will be doing with her.

As the first chairwoman, Diane will work with us to make strides in our advocacy and government affairs program in Washington, help to continue our efforts in Canada and enhancing our education programs.

With a year of bills being passed in 2017 that had great affects on the industry, like the tax bill, it is important as an association to continue to focus on the bills making their way through Capitol Hill in 2018. With the possibility of an infrastructure plan being the next focus in D.C., it is important that the industry’s interest is represented. We will be working with Diane and the rest of the board to ensure that we fight hard to get our voice heard in Washington.

Making enhancements towards Canada and our Canadian members is also a strong focus for 2018. We are focusing on increasing our membership and network in Canada, while keeping our members informed on the goings-on in Parliament, similar to what we do in Washington. Diane’s insight will help us to continue this initiative.

As for our educational offerings, we are excited to offer you new options in 2018. We will be providing a new sales manager certification on our Dealer Learning Center site, and we are also hosting a live Sales Manager Seminar in Chicago November 15-16. We will also be continuing with a second year of an event that saw success last year, the Small Dealer Conference.

This month, we will be bringing Parliament to you at the Ottawa Briefing. There is no better opportunity to make sure AED is focused on the issues that matter most to your bottom line than this. And since we know there is no one better to tell your story than you, we will be bringing Members of Parliament and industry leaders to you at receptions and panel discussions focusing on transportation, trade, skilled workforce and infrastructure. We look forward to seeing you from February 28 – March 1.

We will also be hosting our Washington Fly-In, in partnership with Equipment Dealers Association (EDA), from March 20-22. This is the equipment industry’s premier public policy event. We will get you up to speed on how to be an effective advocate on issues in the industry during the first day, where you will hear from senior lawmakers, administration officials, and Washington policy experts. Then let AED schedule your meetings with lawmakers on Capitol Hill as a free service to you. We make it easy for you to let your voice be heard in a time where it is so important to do so.

We are excited to implement these initiatives with Diane Benck at the helm, and we are excited to continue to provide great services to you, our members. We look forward to seeing our members and having an engaging year with our members at the focus.



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