A Good Company: Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.

Founded in 1964 as a tire retailer, retreader and molder, the company was purchased 10 years later by Henri LeMeur Sr., and today designs and manufactures polyurethane and rubber industrial components. LeMeur’s sons currently run the operation, with Henri LeMeur Jr. serving as CEO and William LeMeur as the executive vice president.

“We have essentially six different product lines, consisting of material handling, industrial tires and wheels, construction, agriculture, road and parking maintenance, and engineered components,” said Kevin Rotondelli, Track Pad OEM/Aftermarket National Sales Manager. “We cover a lot of different markets. Where we fit with AED is, obviously, construction.”

Specializing in rubber and polyurethane track pads, as well as tire and wheel assemblies for a variety of equipment in the construction industry, the company is a leading OEM supplier and takes great pride in its products, guaranteeing that they will last a minimum of 2,000 working hours.

“The biggest thing to us is offering products to customers that are quality and that we know are going to last,” Rotondelli said. “We don’t like to sell the customer a product that is not going to last them through a certain amount of life. We’ve really been changing the industry in the sense that we’ve put guaranteed work life on our products.” The 2,000 working hours guarantee is a rarity in the industry, according to Rotondelli. “It’s something that doesn’t exist. You don’t find other manufacturers or distributors that have that level of guarantee.”
In the case of the CUSHOTRAC® ULTIMATE™ track pad that was designed specifically for asphalt milling machines, the company is so convinced the product will outlive the 2,000-hour warranty that it offers an upgradeable guarantee package of up to 3,000 working hours. “The biggest thing for a contractor is, really, how long are these things going to last,” Rotondelli said. “Because those machines are put through such a harsh environment and they’re used so much, that’s one thing the customer doesn’t want to have to worry about.” 

Superior Tire can make such promises because, unlike some other tire and track pad suppliers, it manufacturers all of its own products on-site at its Warren, Pennsylvania, headquarters, which includes more than 160,000 square feet of production, testing and general operations space. Between its Warren headquarters and warehouse in Los Angeles, the company employs just shy of 300 people. “When you buy from us, you’re buying direct from the manufacturer,” Rotondelli said. “We own the process from cradle to grave. We have a full engineering team. We manufacture all the tooling in-house. We make the product ourselves.”

Because it’s not importing completed products, Superior Tire has complete control over the cost that it charges to its customers. “If we’re seeing increases in costs of material that we, unfortunately, have to buy from overseas … we can control the process by being more efficient, so we help the customer maintain the same pricing by implementing more efficient processes,” Rotondelli said.

“We’re constantly implementing new processes and we’re constantly reviewing our vendors to buy not only the cheaper products, but to buy the better quality products. We’re constantly evolving.”

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