Step Out of Your Silo and Focus 
on the Business as a Whole at LDI

AED aims to continue to provide our members with the best educational offerings at the highest level. Developed based on feedback from both distributors and manufacturers, AED’s Leadership Development Institute (LDI) kicked off last year to great success. More than 20 AED members completed this program, and we look forward to having even greater attendance at our upcoming event. LDI will be offered once again, with the first session Oct. 10 to 12.

What is LDI and what can you expect? Here’s everything you need to know.

This program is the only industry-specific leadership program that takes participants out of their individual, departmental silo and encourages them to focus on their business as a whole.
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LDI is a one-year, three-session program for high-potential managers expected to prepare for broader organizational roles. LDI participants will strengthen their core leadership abilities, deepen cross-functional knowledge and explore the strategic connections across lines of business.

This comprehensive program covers content in operational areas of the dealership, such as sales, service, parts, rental, finance and administration, as well as focusing on personal leadership development.
Incorporated into these sessions will be cohort learning experiences, rated by last year’s attendees as one of the most beneficial aspects of the program. 

Participants will collaborate during interactive workshops including a dealership case study, a mock interviewing exercise, and peer coaching sessions.

Along with peer coaching, each attendee will work with an executive coach who will assist them with drafting an Individual Development Plan based on an assessment with feedback from their company. Coaches will hold participants accountable and will serve as a sounding board for them. Coaches will also troubleshoot issues and challenge development.

Each participant will conduct a capstone project that includes a review of their own dealership and identifies areas for improvement. Real-world SWOT analysis and action planning will help them create measurable ROI business improvements. They will work on this throughout the program and present their final project during the last LDI session to show how they have applied their LDI knowledge to generate business improvements in their companies. Last year’s attendees generated an average annual net income impact of $481,495 for their dealerships!

If this sounds like a program someone in your organization would benefit from attending, we want to see them in Chicago! The three sessions will take place Oct. 10 to 12, Feb. 27 to March 1, and June 19 to 21. For more information or to register someone today, visit We look forward to another successful and beneficial program!

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