August 2018

Summit 2019: Boehner in the Spotlight

Make history at this year’s Summit in Orlando, Florida, featuring keynote speaker John Boehner.


After a successful 2018 Summit, AED has been working hard to prepare for an exciting 2019, and we are excited to share some big news!
Megan Mattingly-Arthur
SANY America CEO went from working on an automotive assembly line to serving in an executive-level position in the heavy equipment industry.
Megan Mattingly-Arthur
Bridget McDonald is one of a growing number of women working in the heavy equipment industry and, like many women, she was drawn to this type of career due to family connections.
Christine Corelli
It goes without saying that developing a reputation for superior customer service is an imperative for business success. But I’m always saying it!
Karen Algeo Krizman
SmartEquip wants to help equipment distributors and owners achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
Karen Algeo Krizman
Whether it’s wheels or track pads, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. wants to keep the equipment industry rolling along.
Clifford Black
AED recently held its very first Women in Construction Equipment Distribution Roundtable to address the challenges women face and how to expand their presence in the industry.
Larry Glynn
I’ve worked in the heavy equipment industry for 41 years. In 1977, I was looking for a job when I learned of an open sales position at CMW Equipment in St. Louis, Missouri.
Clifford Black
During AED’s recent Women in Construction Equipment Roundtable, participants discussed a challenge that was unique to women in the industry.
Joseph Kay
B.J. Coghlin opened a blacksmith shop in Montreal in 1858. That shop grew and advanced with the tech of the times, manufacturing parts for carriages and eventually railcars.
Heidi Bitsoli
With technology in the heavy equipment industry evolving at a rapid clip, “We want forward-looking information,” says AED Foundation Board Member Ron Barlet.
Michael Dexter
Conestoga Community College in Guelph, Ontario, intends to lead the way as they embark on an initiative to achieve AED Foundation accreditation for their heavy-duty equipment programs.
CED’s engine showcase is your best source to preview and browse the most anticipated offerings from the industry’s engine manufacturers.
Brian P. McGuire
AED aims to continue to provide our members with the best educational offerings at the highest level.
Diane Benck
In May, I was lucky enough to spend a day with some of the most respected women in the construction equipment industry, at the Women in Construction Equipment Distribution Roundtable in Chicago.