Meet Dennis Budz


AED’s newest team member, Dennis Budz, is happy to join us as our new Business Development Specialist. Dennis originally got interested in business because of his father, who started and owned a company called Naper Services Inc., located in Naperville, Ill. At just 17 years of age, Dennis was working alongside his father as a manager/supervisor of the company. He was responsible for advertising and sales, which introduced him to the primary aspects of marketing. Naper Services provided Dennis with the foundational aspects of garnering attention through advertising.

After graduating from high school in 2009, Dennis decided to attend Arizona State University. He worked his way through his college years, obtaining jobs here and there to help pay for school. His first year at ASU, he pursued a degree in dentistry. Soon after, he switched his major to business. Dennis graduated with a major in business and a minor in marketing. After his college graduation in 2013, Dennis transferred to a company known as Quicken Loans, starting off as a mortgage banker in Arizona. After working there for a year, he got a position with GlobalTranz, also in Arizona, where he worked as a junior logistics specialist. Here, Dennis was responsible for contacting and acquiring new business through sales. Soon he was recognized as a leader and was put into their leadership development program. Eventually relocating back to Naperville, Ill., Dennis commuted to Chicago each day to work at PHMG Worldwide as a media development executive, where he achieved several top sales performance awards.

Dennis is excited to work with a large company and hopes to be a significant addition to AED’s team. As the new business development specialist, he will be assisting with sales, account management, and advertising. He is most eager to grow in the areas of communications, sales, and networking by building connections within AED. Dennis is thrilled to be able to contribute to the company, and his prior experience in marketing and business will be highly valuable.

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